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The train moves rapidly, barrelling inevitably towards its destination. You don't remember boarding it, can't recall purchasing a ticket, but there you are, nevertheless, seated by a window and on your way to a destination you can't begin to guess at. The world outside passes by in flashes of green, open plains that stretch for countless miles. The sun has begun to set, the golden glow making the world look as though perhaps it's ready to burst into flames. The train continues on, and you are alone. There are no other passengers, no conductor to be found. You're alone, but that doesn't mean no one is watching. Someone is always watching.

The train suddenly enters a thick fog; nothing can be seen even a few inches from the window except for the very faint glow of fading sunlight. The fog clears and the train pulls to a stop at a rundown station. Something compels you to rise from your seat and venture out onto the platform. The moment your feet leave the train, the doors shut and the train rumbles away, not to return until another soul is brought to this place.

Somewhere on your person, you find a small mechanical pocketwatch, though upon inspection it's far more than that. It appears to be a communicator; small buttons along the outside control its functions. So you can see and hear your fellow prisoners, and they you, if you wish to reach out. After all, it's good not to be alone in a strange place, isn't it?

Welcome to Ruby City!

The city has fallen to disrepair, left rundown and abandoned. The buildings are largely still sound, though much is in disrepair. The city is no longer as abandoned and empty as it looks though. In fact, quite a few guests have been brought here for a long term stay, much like you. And the guests are kept here quite purposefully. A high wall surrounds the entire city, separating it entirely from the world outside. Any who try to go over or through it are in for a big surprise. The only opening is the one through which the train brought you, and walking that way lands you deep within the park on the other side of the city. And here, my friend, monsters are all too happy to see fresh meat. A large cathedral-like building is at the center of the city, a strange and blood-red river cutting through the city nearby.

The new inhabitants aren't alone. Their hosts are nearby and always watching. The purpose remains unknown, but whatever it is, the new citizens of Ruby City are here, for better or worse, trapped and left to cobble together whatever life they can for themselves. But that's not all the City has in store...

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