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02 [Action + Video]
flighty_sprite wrote in rubycity_rp
[Well hey look a new face is up and about. Up indeed, on a roof. The roof of Theta's shop if one were to take a guess, since that was where he last was seen. Lucky for him and anyone who had been concerned about their upholstery getting a new shade of yellow blood, he is bandaged and it is clean. Now this feathery ass is just lounging on top of his perch. What is he doing you might ask? Scrolling, scrolling through the his communicator and messing with it's functions. Satisfied with his self given lesson he flips the communicator to video.]

Guess I'm a real bird now, up here, found my own perch to make home. Seems like the best place to get to see this new prison. John said it was a city, but until I know more knowledge it only seems like a cage....  I need to cut the crap with these bird puns. Just not my thing. 

So prove me wrong prison. Is this place a city or not? Come on I know you pink fleshed and ever fraudulent citizens can come clean. Some of you got to be interested in the fact I'm a legless, feathery, bastard, who is creamsicle orange. While we are the topic of people residing here. John informed me of some of us? Team Sburb he called it. Raise of hands here.

Shit. I'm talking to much. Bye. 

[And he shuts of the feed.]

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... where the hell are you?

I swear to God, if you're still bleeding and you ran off somewhere... do I have to follow your apple juice trail?


[Really he was going to pull this. Davesprite is not a toddler John. He can take care of himself.]

Still bleeding a bit, ethier I take days to heal or I just don't. There's a waterfall pouring down John, bathe in its glow. Sherlock John is on the hunt.

... that is supremely gross and not even funny. Are you on the roof?

[He'll take that answer. John head to the second floor, hanging out the window to holler up.]

Get down from there! Geez, how did you even get up there, you only have one wing!

I can still float John. Just lost a bit of my quick strider manuverability and speed. Mother egbert....

[He was going to say something after that, but now all he can do is laugh.]

What are you laughing about?! Dammit, Davesprite...!

[He climbs out the window, catching himself on the breeze to float up to the roof, glaring.] Besides, we should take you to the hospital and see if they can do anything.

[John will find the sprite drumming his fingers away a top the roof. Looking as if he didn't have a care in the world, or a care as to what John had to say. Though, he does respond.]

So you made up your mind on the hospital deal?

... huh? Um... I don't know actually... what do you mean?

Dave! John told me you were here hehe. You smell just as delicious as I remember!

I can tell you about Ruby City. I have been here longer than John has. It is not that bad really. People make it out to be a lot worse then it is!

[He's never seen her before...but damn, it isn't hard to guess who she is. 'Smell,' there was only one troll he knew who smelled to taste and knew his name. Terezi. This Dave, was not happy to see her. Ass mode go!]

So being kidnapped and put in a place, where you have no clue where you are has it's perks? Never thought I would be lucky to end up in a city like this.

...Not sure if I trust you to be telling me information about this location.

Yes! And yes, you are very lucky! We are going to have tons of fun! Ruby City is a lot nicer then the Game, or the Veil, or Alternia! Or Earth I guess. I did not really pay too much attention to what Earth was like. We do not have to worry about Jack here or beating the game or stupid things like that! This is a place to have fun and relax! Most of the time.

Aww Dave you are not still mad about that are you? John and I are friends! It was an accident remember! I do not see why you cannot give me a chance! Other Daves like me! I think you are just being stubborn!

It seems to have its perks. John mentioned a few things.I wouldn't say it is better then earth, but us humans tend to get attached to our home world and our friends which brings me to my next comment.

No. I probably never will forgive you, if you want the honest fucking truth. So sorry to upset you with my words. John would make friends with poisonous reptiles, just because your friends doesn't mean shit. Maybe the glow of this city will brighten this heart of mine to maybe become friends with you one day. Heh. I can't believe I just said that. Worst metaphor ever.

See! So you agree it is not that bad!

[Terezi frowns.] I am trying really hard to be your friend Dave! I know humans do not understand this, but sometimes killing needs to happen. On Alternia, most trolls wouldn't even feel guilty about killing someone. ...I hope that I will be able to convince you to like me, because I like you Dave! You are the best!

Wow, so fucking sweet of you to say that. Break my fucking heart. There it is on the ground shattered. Shit, guess I need to pick up the pieces then. Such a shame the amount of guilt you laid on me is crushing my ability to care.

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