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Twelfth - Action/Voice
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I'm out- [ She muttered staring down at the communicator with a surprisingly blank expression, squinting a bit. ] ...Back here. [ With a cough she clutched at her chest after wiping away some of the tears (and blood) that made their way down her cheeks, and on the other hand the communicator fell onto the ground. After a moment of complete stillness, which could only be caused by her leaning back against one of the trees in the forest she shut her eyes tightly, which was a loud thud followed, presumably her body falling to the floor.

The forest wasn't the best place to be in, but she made it far enough from the catacombs to let her body finally give in. Who ever might come across this will find a compete unconscious Lili on the ground, bleeding in several places while some of the wounds managed to close up, although could easily rip open again with the slightest of movements.

With a gun held very tightly in her hand and what appears to be a torn up ribbon tying the gun to her hand in a very tight knot, which was quite apparently not able to move quite right on it's own.

For someone who just came out of the catacombs, she had a rather calm expression other then a few cringes every now and then. She trusted the people enough here to know someone would come to get her. ]

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[Feli's eyes were wide and frightened as he stared at her lifeless body on the screen, unable to believe his eyes.]

Lili... please wake up?

[When he got no reply, he ran towards the woods at full Italian retreat speed. He had never been in the woods before, having minded the warnings to stay away from this place with its monsters. But then, Lili had always given him the strength to face monsters. He ran around aimlessly, calling her name loudly.]

[ She, of course, couldn't respond but she had her eyes opened barely a crack coughing every now and then, with some blood trailing down her mouth. He could follow the sound of her coughing or follow the trail of blood on the ground, as much as she didn't want him in the forest she was much calmer this way. ]

[It took Feliciano a while to notice the blood trail and Lili's coughing in his panic and over the sounds of his own, ragged breathing. When he did, he followed the noises and the trail as well as he could.

He gave a shrill scream as he finally caught sight of her, running to her side and dropping to his knees beside her.]

Lili, Lili, Lili, are you okay, Lili? Please be okay!

[He reached out to hold her, shake her, hug her, but his hands hovered uncertainly over her body. The state she was in scared him so much he didn't dare touch her for fear of making it worse.]

[ She continued to cough, shifting a bit to a side to clutch at her chest again. Cracking an eye open to see who it was, Italy? Italy in a place like this, she almost thought this was her mind playing tricks on her again. ]


[ Touching her would make her flinch, maybe even whimper. ]

I'm here, I'm here...

[He cooed soothingly and finally gathered the courage to run a finger gently over her cheeks. The tears were already pooling in his eyes and it was all he could do to push away the silence, fight the urge to run or alternately, to curl up and cry. But he couldn't, he had to be strng for Lili, just like they had promised another. He just hadn't thought he would have to prove his bravery so soon!]

Lili, what happened to you? Who did this to you?

[ She tried her best not to let anymore tears fall in front of Italy, she knew he won't be able to hold himself long enough. Lili bit her lip looking up at him with rather fogged eyes, after taking a quick, deep breath before speaking; then tightly held onto her chest whimpering in pain. ]

A-ah... Catacombs. [ She shifted again, now showing a side of her face which was mostly covered in blood could be an injury from the top of her head, but she couldn't remember how she got half of these injuries right now. Sleeping sounded wonderful at this point... ]

[He gave a choked sob.] The catacombs! Oh Lili... Please don't fall asleep! Please stay awake, I need you to stay awake for me. You have to be brave and strong, we promised to be brave and strong, didn't we, remember? You have even been training with Prussia!

[What was he saying here? He didn't even know what he was trying to do, he just didn't want Lili to leave him alone. He reached out with a trembling hand, then drew it back. He rummaged around in the pocket of his coat for the white handkerchief Lili had given him months ago when they were searching for Vash, his makeshift white flag. He had taken good care of it, washing it and ironing it neatly. Now, he wiped her face gently with it, trying to get rid off some of the blood so he could find the actual wound.]

Just stay with me, Lili...

[ She couldn't make any sense from the words, her head felt far to light but she could tell Italy was there and he was... Crying? Is that what she is hearing? She cracked an eye open, grimacing at the pounding feeling in her head. She was wounded? Nothing made much sense to her right now. ]

Stay...? [ She squinted her eye, as the cloth felt almost alien on her skin. She looked up at him, breathing heavily with what sounded like a whimper at the end of each one. The source for all the bleeding would be a pretty horribly deep wound on her head, could be causing all sorts of lovely problems. ]

Don't cry...

I think Flynn called McCoy already, didn't he?

I won't... I won't cry if you don't want me to...

[The words were choked out between sobs, making him a liar already as he spoke them. Even if he had tried his hardest, there was no strength in the world that could have made Italy stop crying at this point. Not with his friend laying there, so weak and broken, bleeding.

He finally found the head wound and when he did, Feliciano immediately wished he hadn't. He had seen some grisly wounds in war times, enough that the sight didn't make him nauseous or turn away in horror, but it sufficed to make him flinch.]

The doctor! You need the doctor! Did someone call him already?

By now, yeah I think so!


[ She opened her other eye, through the imminence about of blood that was still covering that side of her face. She watched him, fighting with her eyes for a good amount of time to try to get them to focus. But soon enough, she had to shakily reach up to his face, forcing on a sad smile. ]

Doctor...? It's that bad?

Is it...?

[Feliciano made a choked sound, more sob than laughter. He forced himself to smile soothingly through his tears and brush his fingers softly over her cheek.]

You're still as pretty as always, sweet Lili, ve~!

[He tried for a light and cheerful voice, he really tried, but it was just a pathetic effort.]

A-ah... [ She couldn't believe what she heard, might be the blood loss... Right? But she couldn't help but hold his hand lightly, nodding with a small wince. To her, his voice was just enough to make her smile. ]

You think... I'm going to be okay?

Of course you will be okay. You're strong and brave and you're a nation. You'll heal, you'll be better again soon.

[He spoke strongly and with conviction, for he wanted and needed to believe his words himself, he needed the comfort as much as Lili did. Feli cooed soothingly and squeezed her hand gently.]

H-haha... That's right, isn't it?

[ Her voice shook, but she kept a very small smile on. She let go of his hand, coughing again, this time shutting her eyes tightly at the almost energy draining force. ]

[He kept petting her cheek gently and holding her hand, making soft cooing noises all the while. She was so terribly weak...]

Rest now, Lili, rest! Don't exhaust yourself, alright? No talking, just... just stay with me, alright? And we'll wait for help to come.

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