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Twelfth - Action/Voice
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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
I'm out- [ She muttered staring down at the communicator with a surprisingly blank expression, squinting a bit. ] ...Back here. [ With a cough she clutched at her chest after wiping away some of the tears (and blood) that made their way down her cheeks, and on the other hand the communicator fell onto the ground. After a moment of complete stillness, which could only be caused by her leaning back against one of the trees in the forest she shut her eyes tightly, which was a loud thud followed, presumably her body falling to the floor.

The forest wasn't the best place to be in, but she made it far enough from the catacombs to let her body finally give in. Who ever might come across this will find a compete unconscious Lili on the ground, bleeding in several places while some of the wounds managed to close up, although could easily rip open again with the slightest of movements.

With a gun held very tightly in her hand and what appears to be a torn up ribbon tying the gun to her hand in a very tight knot, which was quite apparently not able to move quite right on it's own.

For someone who just came out of the catacombs, she had a rather calm expression other then a few cringes every now and then. She trusted the people enough here to know someone would come to get her. ]

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[What the- oh shit. Give him a millisecond, he'll be right there.]

[ She didn't react much, other then barely opening an eye. Well, to her in this state Prussia looked human enough for her to not think it was a monster. ]


Hey Mausi, stay with me.

[He picks her up and carries her as far away from the woods as possible.]

[ Hopefully he doesn't move her to much while he does that, but her expression only shifted a bit to a more pained one. ]

[Of course not, even a guy like him knows how to treat a lady.]

[ She would thank him if she could, but she just smiled lightly before coughing again. Hopefully he wouldn't mind getting his clothes covered in blood? ]

[As if he ever minded getting covered in blood, it used to be a daily thing to him.]

[ Lili hoped so, in that still barely conscious part of her. A very shaky hand reached up to hold some of his clothes as she coughs again, whimpering a bit. ]

It's alright Lili, you'll be fine.

[ Lili couldn't say anything back, instead forcing herself to nod. ]

[God, they had to get to an infirmary, just somewhere!]

[ Lili softly tried to mouth something, but gave up on trying, while shifting a bit in his arms. ]

What's up Mausi?


[ She barely managed to say it, which was followed by a cough. ]

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

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