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Twelfth - Action/Voice
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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
I'm out- [ She muttered staring down at the communicator with a surprisingly blank expression, squinting a bit. ] ...Back here. [ With a cough she clutched at her chest after wiping away some of the tears (and blood) that made their way down her cheeks, and on the other hand the communicator fell onto the ground. After a moment of complete stillness, which could only be caused by her leaning back against one of the trees in the forest she shut her eyes tightly, which was a loud thud followed, presumably her body falling to the floor.

The forest wasn't the best place to be in, but she made it far enough from the catacombs to let her body finally give in. Who ever might come across this will find a compete unconscious Lili on the ground, bleeding in several places while some of the wounds managed to close up, although could easily rip open again with the slightest of movements.

With a gun held very tightly in her hand and what appears to be a torn up ribbon tying the gun to her hand in a very tight knot, which was quite apparently not able to move quite right on it's own.

For someone who just came out of the catacombs, she had a rather calm expression other then a few cringes every now and then. She trusted the people enough here to know someone would come to get her. ]

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[Flynn had just been skimming through the network while out on his hunt for breakfast when he'd noticed this. He was relatively familiar with the forest, and this girl that he'd only seen around briefly was out there among God knows what, wounded and alone. He'd never seen a gun, so he has no idea what that item in her hand is, but he knows a damsel in distress when he sees one]

Blondie! Just hang on there, I'm on my way!

[He wastes no time in taking off running; his satchel is ever present these days while he house hunts, and it carries a bit of food and water too. He crashes through the train station and down the train tracks towards the Park, not sure how deep within this girl is]

[ He would find her in the start of the forest, lifelessly lying underneath the shadow of a tree. ]

[It doesn't take Flynn long to locate the girl; he'd remembered fairly well the look of the forest where she was. He kneels quickly beside her and reaches out, resting a hand against her shoulder. He tries to awaken her, to questionable effect, then drops his satchel to the ground so that he can rummage through it]

Hey there; it'll be all right. I'm gonna get you to the clinic in just a few minutes.

[ She groaned, gritting her teeth in pain. You might not want to move her to much, all the wounds and possibly fractured bones really hurt her to much. ]


[Flynn frowns deeper; she'll need a better doctor than this. Stuffing the first aid items back into the satchel, he shifts on his feet and hoists the girl into his arms. She is surprisingly light, which is another point of concern for the thief]

Just hang on, Blondie; I'm getting you to a doctor. I'm not much of one, but I can get you there fast. [If it were Rapunzel, he would have hoped someone would have saved her as well, if he couldn't make it himself. He begins to run, heading back towards the city and towards the clinic]

[ She mumbled a thanks, trying to not to freak out. Lili tried to stay awake, but her her head felt to light and keeping her eyes closed sounded so much better for her right there... ]

[Action] I should let McCoy and the others know about this!

[The trip to the clinic doesn't take too long; Flynn is sprinting as fast as he can! When he barges into the front door with the girl in his arms, he wastes no time in taking her into the place where the patients are meant to be, and lays her in a bed]

Give me two seconds and I'll fine Christine or the Doc or someone. [He begins to scour the clinic looking for one of the three more medical residents, as quickly as possible]

[ Ah, bed. She couldn't help but fall asleep, getting a bit comfortable there. ]

...this is the doctor, checking in? :3

[McCoy is about the clinic. McCoy is usually about the clinic, so this is not a strange occurrence. He's pretty sure he hears movement downstairs though, so he's on his way down the stairway, small basket of clean linens in his hand.] ...Someone down there?

[Flynn pauses just past the staircase and grabs the banister, looking up. He backtracks a few steps and flags McCoy down]

Hey Doc! I found this girl out in the woods; she looks pretty injured! I figured she could use better treatment than what I could give her, so I'm glad you're around here!

[ Just here to say to go on with the thread without me. <3 ]

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