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Entry #3
fakereputations wrote in rubycity_rp
[Flynn appears to be walking along the streets of the city, bundled up in his coat and looking around. Every item that he owns is on his possession, from his sword and whetstone to his satchel of pilfered first aid items that he kept stocked]

Doc, I just wanna say thanks in advance for giving me a place to stay while I got my bearings around here. It means a lot to me, but if you need any help or anything, just give me a yell. It's not like I'm going anywhere. But uh, don't get mad when you open your supply cabinet. You never know when a guy in my profession might not be able to make it to the doctor.

[He laughs a bit, but it's quiet. He's passing by the train station again at this point, and though he chances a glance in, he doesn't completely stop]

So, does anyone out there know of a good place to find a roof to put over my head. I'm used to pretty rustic conditions, so as long as it's warm and I'm not going to have monsters crawling in after me, I'm not too picky. [Oh, he remembered his trip into the forest with Sora and Riku well; he likely had a few scars after that tangle]

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If you'd like, you're welcome to stay in the manor. I leave it open for any newcomer who needs a place to stay for a while.

Ah, you sure you wouldn't mind? I still need to give you back that cloak. It's sort of a rule of mine that I don't steal from holy men, even inadvertently.

[He smiles, hoping that holy men weren't the only people he didn't steal from...but, he wasn't going to say anything about it.]

No, not at all! As of now there aren't many people in the mansion anyway. Five or six...I keep losing count, but then they come and go. You're free to stay as long as you need to, provided you don't harm any of the other houseguests. I don't permit violence of any sort in the manner, so you can be assured they won't harm you either, no matter where they're from or what they may be; they've agreed to these terms as well.

[Flynn raises his hand and smiles] Don't worry, Father. I tend to keep to myself. I like to avoid any violence unless it's necessary. [Being a thief, flight or fight was a fact of life, and often, despite being brave, he'd run in a heartbeat. Live to heist another day and all.]

But it's more of a matter of finding my own place. Dr. McCoy was generous enough to let me stay in his clinic, and now, it's time I got out here on my own instead of mooching off of others.

Well, living around here doesn't exactly cost anything, so you're free to go where you like. The mansion is always open, though - it's not mooching, it's an offer from me to help you.

[Flynn smiles and nods]

Thanks again, Father. I'll keep it in mind, okay?

You sure you don't want to stay with me and Riku?

[ Sora's grinning as usual. He doubts it's on Flynn's to do list, and it may not even be his place to offer the space, but it's not gonna stop him ]

Ah, thanks, Sora, but like I told the priest. I'm trying to find a place of my own. Kind of an independent sort of guy, but I appreciate the offer!

No problem. If you ever need a place to crash you know you have one.

[ He get's the independent thing. Riku's kinda like that, so at least he understands it. ]

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