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[3rd Video of Awesomeness!] [And Action]
behaupten wrote in rubycity_rp
[Remember, you shouldn't leave Prussia alone for too long, otherwise he might do stupid things to entertain himself with.

Today was such a day where he did just that. This is the moment where you might see something shocking:


What is your reaction to it?]

((ooc: Imagine Ludwig not to be on that picture. This is what happens if Ally-Mun is surfing though Youtube. If you can't see the video, no worries, it's a prank of his.))

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Ugh, you make be break my hiatus.... /sob


[ She silently covered her mouth, stopping a scream she knew would come out. Shock would be an understatement for what she feels right now. ]

asdfghjk It's okay because it's my birthday?

[... Wait, that's not West or France! ... OH SHIT!]

I-I'm okay Lili, really!

:D GET ON AIM, BB. Also, derp. [Action]

... B-but. Knife... if your back.

[ Loooong pause. ]

If this some kind of training? Are you a zombie now?

It's not, that's a fake knife! I just wanted to see how people react!

O-oh... That was mean! I got scared!

I didn't mean to scare you in the first place!

But why did you do that? [ She doesn't have tears in her eyes, nope, what do you mean? ]

[Don't... don't make him come over, that's cheating.]

I was bored Mäuschen.

[ She'll just wipe at her eyes, looking away. ]

... So you did that?

[That's not fair, now he feels shitty.]

... And I wanted to see the reaction of everyone?

[ He should, you made her tear up. ]

... Don't do it again, it was mean and I don't want to see you like that.

... Ja.

[And what should he do instead?]

[ Something that wouldn't cause complete shock to her? ]

... Really, Prussia.

Ja Fräulein. Geez.

[... Again, what should he do?]

[ Draw cute drawings, obviously. She'll walk over and stare at the "blood". ]

Then... what's all of that?

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