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Lips too fake for you to realize
fleurdeamour wrote in rubycity_rp
[Happy Christmas eve everyone! He's going to be walking around town and such. He's bundled up for the weather, a coat and gloves. He's got a hairpin in as well, clipping his bangs back. Attached to that is a sprig of mistletoe.

Fake as Hell, but you understand the message.

Feel free to bump into him, but as a warning you're probably going to get smooched. <3

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[ Oh, look at her, walking around minding her own business until a wild France appeared she accidentally bumped into him, talking a quick step back with a gasp. ]

O-oh! France, I'm sorry!

Not at all, cherie~

[Feel free to notice the mistletoe at any time.]


[ Oh, she just did. Lili didn't do much, staring for some time in shock was it. ]

Is that what I think it is...?

Yes, eet eez~

[Have tickly li'l kisses all over your face - but not on your lips. Vash would kill him so much. Oh God.]

... A-ah.

[ Long. Staaaare. ]

[He pulled hack afterwards to smile at her]

Joyeux Noel~

... Frohe Weihnachten.

[ She turned back, face so many shades of red. How to deaaaal? ]

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