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005 Mission to Olduvai || [Video]
No Redemption
ifiturnshootme wrote in rubycity_rp
[For once in his life (and since being in Ruby City) John's not in his military garb. He actually looks normal. A pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He should be cold but he isn't. It's not how his body works. Also if there's a gun on him then it can't really be seen.

However, the video feed will pick up his aimless walking. The sound of his boots hitting the ground more audible than anything else he's doing. He's got no set destination so until that comm is closed or something happens to it, it will give out where he goes. Just hope he doesn't head out too far.]

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(action) -- if it's okay!

[There's another who's out and about in the city on one of his regular patrols. As opposed to light wear, he's bundled up against the snow and the chill, and still his hands are stuffed deep into pockets and his shoulders are hunched slightly.

He does spy the figure of another after some time, though, tilting up his chin and looking curiously toward John.]

[He should probably be bundled up against the snow and chill if only to look normal. Not that he really cares to look normal. Then again his first few weeks there had been testament to that. He'd been wearing military clothing then and carrying around a big gun.

Feeling eyes on himself he turns and gives a nod. After all he has no clue who that is.]

[Lazlo inclines his own head in greeting, offering a brief smile.] Good day.

[Pause where he debates asking or not... In the end, he decides to go ahead,] Aren't you cold?

Not really. I barely even feel it.

[Between his military training and the C24 it doesn't really surprise him.]

No? [He looks at him with surprise and then shakes his head.] I don't think that I would be able to do that. [It's an admission said with a tiny chuckle.]

[He gives a half smile] It's probably all of the military training that I've had.

Military, hm? What manner? [By which he means land or sea--he was of the latter, of a kind.]

[Jan's bundled up in her favorite red coat, almost bouncing as she does a little last minute shopping for the upcoming holiday. She slows, taking in the sight of John and his lack of a cold weather gear and sighs.]

I'd say you'll catch your death, but I know that's impossible.

[Seeing her causes a slight smile to cross his lips and he moves over to her. Shaking his head he can't help but laugh. Not something he does very often. She's probably the only one who has seen it to be honest. Then again she's like a little sister to him practically.]

I'm sure there's a way to catch it. Just not through this kind of weather. I barely even feel it.

[She smiles, hands burrowed into the pockets of her coat. He might not feel the cold, but she can feel the nip in the air. A question tumbling out before she had a chance to think better of asking it.]

Does it feel different or just...it doesn't bother you?

[When she realizes what she said, she blushes brightly.] I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...Sorry.

[That gets a slight chuckle out of John and he shakes his head.]

It doesn't feel different or anything. It just doesn't bother me.

[At her apology he can't help but raise a slight brow.]

No reason to be sorry. You can ask me anything you want. I hope you know that.

I know, but it seems like a rude thing to ask. [She shrugs, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear.] I wouldn't have asked Mr. Spock or Gaila something like that.

It doesn't matter what you would or wouldn't ask them, Janice. I'm not them. [Nor would he want to be.]

You're not, but it still isn't polite. [Which means a great deal to Jan.] Have things been all right lately? I know the city threw some odd things at us at the parties.

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