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Opus No. 2 [Video]
herr_edelstein wrote in rubycity_rp
[The video screen flickers on, revealing Austria standing in the middle of what appears to be a dressing room. It is a small room that has seen better days; the windows are broken and covered in grime. The walls have plaster falling from the walls, exposing the brick beneath, and the old mirrors and chairs are beyond repair. After a moment, it becomes apparent that he is in the old theater, based on the nature of the architecture of the room and the neglected furnishings. Despite looking mildly irked, he also looks thoughtful]

...Yes. With some work, this could work very well. It would take some time, and hopefully I will be able to leave before it is completed, but it will do nicely.

[He puts his fingers to his chin in thought, then walks around the room, using a gloved hand to inspect a few things gingerly, then addresses the communication device directly]

Hello, residents of Ruby City. Some of you may know me, but the majority of you do not. I am Roderich Edelstein, and like many of you, I am seeking to find a suitable home. I have found a place, but it is in need of repairs and remodeling. I am seeking some strong, able-bodied persons to assist in these tasks, as I am not skilled in such areas. In the lack of a monetary system here in this city, I am sure we can make other arrangements for pay in exchange for your labor.

[Austria takes a moment to look around, frowning. It is going to take some work, but at least the structure and electrical system is sound.]

If you are interested and willing, please let me know, and I will provide you with further information.

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[ Letting her needle down just for this, since she has been sewing for a good amount of time now, she gave the screen a smile. ]

I can help... with other things, I'm sure.

Ah, Liechtenstein.

[Austria notices the needle and thread and raises an eyebrow]

Perhaps you could assist...with reupholstering of a few chairs, or drapes?

Ah, I could do that, hm!

[ Better then not doing anything, right? ]

Thank you. Perhaps next week we can begin discussing our options?

Anytime is fine, really! Although if you want next week then it's fine.

B-but you have another place to stay, right?

I am staying for a bit at the home of an acquaintance of mine, but I would not wish to overstay my welcome in the case that the remodeling efforts take longer than anticipated.

Ah, I see. I wouldn't want you to be staying outside in this cold now, hm.

I would like to bring some Linzertorte to the other nations for the holiday, but I am uncertain if some of them would be welcome...or if I can even find a proper kitchen. And as for the is a minor annoyance, and I do not wish to stay outdoors. [Oh, Austria does not want to stay outdoors].

Hopefully the apartments will come together quickly which will allow me to focus on other projects.

You are... hopefully free to come use our kitchen!

... You're cold, aren't you?

[ She nodded, taking note of that quietly. ]

Hm? Like what?

Are you living with your brother? Somehow, even though he was cordial to me, I am not sure he would take too kindly to abruptly having me in his kitchen. I would, of course, offer up anything that I made as repayment.

At the moment, I am not terribly cold. I am drawing up plans for the apartment and trying to not impose upon my friend's hospitality.

I am. Ah, well maybe I should ask him sometime...

I see, who are you with if you don't mind me asking?

Ah, an acquaintance of mine that I met soon after my arrival by the name of Gavin Turner. He was kind enough to allow me to stay with him while the construction at the theatre is underway.

Ah, that sounds very kind of him! Although I don't think I've meet him before?

Likely not; he is a new arrival like myself.

I see, so both of you are fairing well.

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