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09 -- VIDEO.
bloodiedchain wrote in rubycity_rp
[Outside a certain house, there are snowmen. Said snowmen look like certain people that some in this city may or may not know.

And a few yards away, under the porch of the house, is their creator -- yeah, the collapsed girl who's sniffling, sneezing and overall feeling miserable. Whoops.]

Ugh...someone kill me now... I feel like I'm going to die here... what the hell is this!?

[Obviously it's called getting sick, Alice; though considering what you wear normally it was kind of inevitable...]

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[ Nope, she still gets distracted easily and that snowman... looks like Break. Which of course, caught her attention. ]

A-ahh? You said something?

[Ohai, isn't that one of the girls she saw at that one meeting Break held before he left? She looked like her.]

I feel like crap...

[ She frowns, worriedly leaning in. ]

Are you sick?

Either that or I'm dying. I really hope it's just the first...

[Because dammit this sucks. Badly.]

I hope you aren't dying! It could be a cold.... Where do you live?

[ Take care of more sick people? Sure! ]

... you know the house Break had us all meet in before he left?

I live there.

A-ah, I remember the place, yes.

I'll be over in a bit, alright? You look... terrible.

Watch out for the floor; it's moving...

[No, Alice, that was just you being dizzy as all hell...]


[ Well, that is certainly a bad sign. Since the ground is perfectly stable here. With a very concerned frown, she made her way there, taking glances every now and then back at the communicator just to make sure to see if she's alright. ]

I'll be careful, just try to rest?

Mmmn. Seaweed head dragged me to bed so it's not like I can do much else...

[A groan.]

See you soon, I guess...

Seaweed head?

[ Soon enough she made herself in, smiling lightly at the familiar place, but she pushed back the thoughts she knew would creep out. She brought somethings with her, packing them all in a bag and brought a book with her just in case. Hopefully it would be enough. She paused, her name... She tried to think back a bit then nodded, muttering the name to herself a few times before softly calling out. ]


'M here...

[Alice peers up from under the blankets, glancing at Lili with a sickly glare on her features. She was still as stubborn as ever, though that was noticeably subdued by her current spell of illness.]

... you came.

[ She hurried to her side, with a very genuine look of worry and care. Lili smiled lightly, she gave her a nod. ] Of course I did, [ Lili gently placed a hand on her forehead, frowning a bit. ]

Stay down for now, alright?

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Mmmn... thanks...

[Alice flops back onto the bed, groaning as she rised the blankets above her head.]

Not like I have much choice in the matter anyway...

No need.

[ She softened her voice even more, trying not to disturb Aliss' rest. She carefully tucked her in, turning around to make her way to the kitchen to get her a cold bowel of water and some towels she brought with her. ]

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