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Opus No. 1 - Voice
herr_edelstein wrote in rubycity_rp
…If this is some sort of practical joke, it is not an amusing one.

[There is a bit of static; apparently, while Austria is familiar with modern technology, he is not at all familiar with this pocket watch he found on his person. He has at least found the voice function, but he sounds incredibly terse, and appears to be talking to himself more than the device. It sounds as though he is walking; the sound of boots crunching on the fresh snow is distantly audible]

Prussia, if I find out that you have snuck into my house while I was asleep, again, and spirited me away, you will rue the day, mark my words. I know that this is your fault; this sort of thing usually is. And in a blizzard, no less. [The cold does not seem to bother him or seem all that out of place]

[He sounds rather in a huff, in all honesty, and the voice post continues for a bit without much input before it shuts off]

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... Austria?

[ She could think up of so many questions right now, but she was sure this cold wouldn't be good for him, not at all. ]

Where are you?


I see you are here with your brother as well; how are you faring?

I am...currently on my way to a place called Nightroad Manor.

Hm! I am... I see you have seen him?

[ She gave him a small nod, that's good at least. ]

... Abel?

Er. Yes. He saw me as I was walking to the Manor. He seemed shocked to see me, but then again, many of our fellows have also been surprised or at least, amused.

And yes, Abel. Father Nightroad has been very kind in allowing me to stay here until after the storm passed. I believe Ludwig is going to assist me in procuring a piano and a home after it has died down.

I can see that... Yes.

[ She nodded, well, that made her feel better. ]

If you need any other help you could always ask me.

I appreciate your offer, Lili, but I would not want to upset your brother further. He seemed rather...irked upon seeing me.

[That's not to say that he would not ask politely if it were not going to rock the boat something fierce]

... Irked? Really? [ Forever oblivious. ] But I wouldn't want for you to feel uncomfortable if I could do anything about it.

Well. Hm. Perhaps irked is not the word. He at least seemed shocked, but I do not think he was pleased. Our meetings tend to be...rather terse, unfortunately.

Perhaps we will see what happens once this blizzard lets up. I would't want you out in this mess, of course, especially on my account.

Ah... [ So that was the very odd feeling? ] Well, I think there could be a difference now, though. Bruder changed very much.

Well, I'll be sure not to go out now, I don't have any lessons with Prussia now either!

Has he? I suppose we will see; I am not opposed to seeing him, of course.

You are taking lessons from...Prussia? [A pause, he's not sure how to feel about this, not to mention that Vash allowed her to? Things were certainly different here]

What kind of lessons, if I may ask?

He has, very much!

I am! Ah, fighting lessons. My brother doesn't know though, d-don't tell him. I don't want him to know, not yet.

You can rest safety; your secret is safe with me. In in the spirit of keeping the peace, of course.

It is, and I want to surprise him!

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...I'm sure he certainly will be.

[Austria certainly was, and by both of them]

Hm! And... Maybe I can protect him once.

[ That was barely a whisper, as she shifts in her seat uncomfortably. ]

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