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[1st Suit § Action / Video]
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provenworth wrote in rubycity_rp
[Moments Earlier…]

[Ka-click ka-clack. Ka-click ka-clack. Ka-click ka-clack.]
...Attention passengers. We are now approaching Edge Outer Station. Please gather your belongings and prepare to disembark. This is the last stop. I repeat, we are now approaching Edge Outer Station...
[A single female, dressed in an open white coat, stood quietly, pushing a book into a lavender bag. A matching carry-on was pulled out into the aisle with her as the train came to its slow stop, jerking forward as brakes were locked. Windowless doors remained closed, hesitating shyly before opening, exposing a white blinding light – from what she guess was the overhead street-lamp – that spilled into the car. Protecting her eyes, she stepped off onto the platform…]
[…and into a reality she had long forgotten. Several moments of silence passed, her body frozen in place, the train once behind her now long gone.]
Ahh...This isn’t...

[Standing at the empty train station, Elena blinked several times as if doing so would cause the buildings of Ruby City to return back to the growing city of Edge. But after four blinks, it was evident that what she was seeing was correct. She had, in essence, returned to the city she had never once thought about – much to her disdain. She’d made some very strong connections – but that was the way the city was supposed to be, wasn’t it? You come in, you leave, you forget you were ever there. But then how was it she could remember her time here? Fate? Kindness from the city’s oh-so-kind hosts? Whatever it was, the fact was that she did remember. And that she would use to her advantage.
Speaking of advantages, knowing what would surely be awaiting her she patted at her pockets until she found the little communicator that tied her to the rest of the community. Pulling it out with a gloved hand, she popped the watch open, quickly adjusted her hat – one accessory of her current outfit that she was sure would be a surprise to those who knew her - and then started taping.]

Hello, Ruby City. Long time no see. [A slightly amused, slightly embarrassed smile pulls at her lips.] I guess it’s safe to say that I must have been taken out of the city at some point and our hosts felt the need to bring me back. Rest assured, I will continue where I left off…. once I figure out what’s happened since I left.
Ah – one more thing. Has anybody been keeping an eye on the ShinRa Apartments? I’d like to know if I still had a room to return to.
[With that the feed ends as Elena makes her way towards her old stomping grounds, her lavender carry-on rolling behind her as she pulls it with her.]

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[ She gives her a warm smile, seems like she didn't disappear after all. Seeing her made her feel slightly better, since she did come back, and she was just fine too! With very nice warm clothing, as well! ]

Why hi there, Lili.

[Now this was a welcomed face and Elena can't help but beam at the younger blonde. Despite her dislike of having been brought back, at least she was granted more time to spend with Lili. She hadn't the right frame of mind to appreciate her last time.]

I'm sorry if I worried you at all.

Oh... Don't worry about it at all, we don't have control over the things in this place, right?

[ Not for now, anyway, maybe... One day. But that was something to be thought about later, now she couldn't help but give Elena a gentle smile. ]

Need any help?

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