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✙ XXI ✙ [Accidental Video]
[Naked] Glare
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[No, it's not your imagination. Switzerland has been scarce recently. The accidental feed that clicks on when his communicator hits the floor may explain why.

The nation stands in front of the forges of the once-disused blacksmith, sweat rolling down his bared arms. What he's actually creating is hidden by the angle of the watch, but when he notices it open and laying on the ground he curses under his breath in Swiss-German and scoops it up, snapping it shut.]

[[OOC: I apologize in advance for the slowness. Life and lemon grenades and all that. It just keeps getting worse. More like... watermelon grenades at this point.]]

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[ She'll give him a stare, then a blink. ]



Oh. No. Wait, this could be good. Vash gives his sister a small smile.]

Hey, Lili. Are you free to talk sometime?

[ Ohhh, brother wants to talk to her! Although she might be buried in clothes right now. ]


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