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frillsalwayswin wrote in rubycity_rp
[Goro's in his living room, flipping through a random girl's manga. Putting it down and eying it thoughtfully, he waves to the communicator when he realizes it's on.] "Hey everybody! It was snowing!" [He flails a little at that and then scoops up Toge as he walks by, holding the dog up proudly. Toge blinks at the communicator, sporting a dog sized scarf in pink and white. Goro points to the scarf and beams.]

"Isn't this cute? It's a perfect fit for him, too! Isn't it, Toge?"

[Hugging the dog, who barks in response, Goro puts him back down onto the floor and then stretches.]

"I should popula find some cute Winter clothes.. Maybe some more blankets, too."

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T-that is so cute!

[ Wait, she'll just stare in awe. ]

Hello there, Toge? Uhmm, I could make you some?


[Goro blinks. Toge perks at his name and wanders back over to sniff at the communicator.]

You make dog clothes?

You're welcome!

[ Dog! So cute! ]

I could try, yes!

Yay! Could you make him a white hat?

I could try! That would be easy!

... What about you?

[Blink] Me? Um.. A red hat with fake fur on it? That'd be really cute!

Then it's settled!

[ Oh, god why is she doing this to herself. ]

Yay! There's no rush so take your time!

Well, thank you! I'll be sure to tell you when it's done!

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