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T e n t h -Video- Winter is here and things!
and the amazing dove, 012« ♥
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ After messing with the communicator for a good amount of time, she finally clicked on the feed with a slight smile. Her face was mostly shadowed due to her newly knitted hat, since the weather has been going against her sometime now. And she just finished a good light dress too! She should have seen it coming, really. ]

Hello, everyone! I assume everyone has been doing, well I hope? And to all the newcomers, I'm Lili, or Liechtenstein, whichever you prefer. [ A pause, now she just started getting used to not being shy, she took a deep breath. ] If you ever need some help feel free to contact me! And that goes for everyone as well...

[ She nodded in confirmation, with warmer smile and a light sigh. ]

That said, I was wondering if this place belongs to anyone? I was thinking about having a place to make clothes for everyone... Since it's been getting rather cold recently, and I noticed quiet a lot of you didn't have the right things. And I would love to help anyone of you.

[ Her expression grew slightly worried, but she shook it off zooming out the screen so the place comes into view. For those of you that know it, you would be able to tell it was Ayame's clothes shop. ]

It seems like someone has been here, since some of things here are very... How do I say this? very well made! They look hand made, and they seem to have been made with a lot of care.

I also have a favor to ask any of you that have any free time and some skills in fighting; I would really appreciate if you were to help me become stronger! I don't want to depend on others and have them get hurt because of me.

[ With another smile, she clicked off the feed, promptly sitting back down. ]

(Ooops, before I forget! Her brother, Elliot, Kanestugu and Italy would find a pair of hand knitted gloves and a very colorful, might be obnoxious (don't tell her that, she'll be depressed) sweater wrapped up in a long ribbons! With a small, pink note on it that has her name on it. )

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[action; behind the scenes.] 1/???


[brb dying of embarrassment at the fact that Lili took the time and effort to make him these things.]

[He's just going to set the gift down on the table and pace around it while staring it down, wondering what the hell he's supposed to do with it. Maybe wear it someday.]

[After quite a bit of that he settles into one of the chairs at the table and just.... continues to stare at the knitted items.]

[Then he'll look down to his hand where he's holding the small note with Lili's name written on it...]


[Okok finally going to pick up his pocket watch communicator and contact her. Via audio. Because homg he's still too flustrated to even think about video.]

Oi, I think you accidentally left something outside of my apartment...

Hmhm, it's for you!

[ And she'll try her best not to giggle. ]


Wh-What am I supposed to do with it!?

[I mean... honestly.]

It's made for you.

[ Honestly you. It's a present... ]


. . . Why!?

[Audio] H-hahaha. /hides from maybe spam

... And I need a reason? If I had one it would be... because I care about you?



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