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vulcancommander wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed clicks on, showing Spock sitting in his room in the library. In the somewhat lit room, there's a coil of light smoke next to him from some incense he managed to find, but that's not what's out of place. The Vulcan has a blanket wrapped around him, up to his chin and he looks almost miserable.]

Is...there any shop within the city that supplies warmer clothing? My uniform, which I have managed to keep intact for the most part and clean since my arrival, is not made of material that is designed to keep in warmth.

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Oh, dear... Hmm, I'm sure there are some places. Although I would rather give you one of my own jackets then going back out there. [ Have a slight laugh. ]

Although would you prefer if I were to make something for you?

[ You know she would stay up all night. ]

[It almost looks like he huddles a little more into his blanket.] I would not want to trouble you in making articles of clothing for me.

[He totally would wear it though.]

Hmhm, it would my pleasure!

You are certain I would not be bothering or causing a hindrance on any other work you could or should be doing?

Of course! I'm planning on making things for all of my friends!

I am not even acquainted with you, yet you will make me something?

...that does not sound logical.

... Why do I need to know someone to help them? That's my logic!

[ If she can be of use somehow she'll take it up. ]

That is very generous of you, which in this situation trumps my logic.

A-aha! Well, although I would need some sizes unless you want it to be extremely... everything!

[Extremely everything? How was that even possible...] Would it be more convenient for me to come to where you make your articles of clothing? That way you may get accurate measurements.

Ah, I wouldn't want you going out in this cold! Just tell me where you are?

I currently reside in the library, on the third level where I have fashioned one of the older study rooms into quarters for myself. My door is open, you are welcome to come inside.

Ah! What a nice place to be in! [ She gave him a nod, with a small smile. ] Close the door, you'll get cold! I'll find it I'm sure!

The library at this point is sufficiently warm for Humans, but as I am not a Human, [fully physically anyways], it is not warm enough for me. I will keep my door open as a gesture of hospitality and I will close it after you leave. Will this be sufficient?

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Ah, you're not human? [ A country? A mythical creature? ]

If you insist, mister...?

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