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honourboy wrote in rubycity_rp
[So here is Kanetsugu, feeling a bit insecure about what had happened, since of course, he has no memories at all of the time he was a zombie and has no idea if his plan was successful or not. The only thing he knows he wills slightly fried thanks to a certain lightning, which makes him even a bit more uncomfortable.]

It really seems to be over, doesn't it? I'm glad something got worked out, at least.

[He hesitates a bit.]

Does anyone have good advice for washing clothes? It seems I can't properly remove the blood of them.

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A-ah. I can help you with that. Although are your clothes warm enough? I'll be more then glad to make you some.

[video~<3 /doesn't mind!]

Thank you, I would appreciate that. I never had any particular problems with my clothes, but having some warm one would be nice.

[ She nodded, humming in response. ]


[video! <333 /loves on!]

What kind of clothes do you make?

Any kind! What do you want?

Well, a warm kimono will do, if that is possible.

A kimono...? I never did that, but I'll give it a try!

[ Hopefully it wouldn't be to hard? ]

Well, if it is too much trouble you don't have to do it.

Hmhm! Don't worry! I'll gladly try!

Thank you, Lili. That is very kind of you.

You're welcome! But you'll have to wait before you thank me, Kane!

[He shakes his head with a smile.]

The suggestion and the attempt is already enough to show you my gratitude.

[ ljlskfds Okay, so she isn't blushing. Really.]

W-well, I hope you'll be as happy with what I'll make!

[So cute! She should get a hug.]

Don't worry, I am sure I will be.

[ She loves hugs, yes. ]

H-hm! Thank you!

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