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Lovino Vargas - 8th Bottle of Wine [Video]
Not impressed B|, Embarassed
in_italia wrote in rubycity_rp
Hooooly.... FUCK!
[It's been months since he was last here. Well, from his perspective, at least. Over the ten days' absense, he had managed to completely forget about it and dismiss it as a dream. And now he's back, with a half-empty bottle of wine still in his hand from the celebrations he left. And he grimaces at the pocketwatch, dreading who will see him like this, with his hair all messed up and tie askew from a rushed awakening in the morning that he has yet to sort out.

What needs to be sorted out now is his memories. He can sort of remember it, but it's the feeling of having the same dream from a while ago. And... if he's here, doesn't that mean Venneciano's here? Nope, not Venneciano. Feli.
] Fe.....

Venneciano. Where the fuck are you? [He won't take any chances just yet.]

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[ Have a very bothered, pouting nation. ]

Did something happen? And you should speak to him in that way!

Fuck off, Liechtenstein, no one cares. [Or rather, he won't care until he's at gunpoint again.]

shouldn't even /sob. Sorry for the fail!


[ Gunpoint could happen with what he just said. ]

That's not nice! I know that word, Hidan taught me!

It's okay, nothing beats that time Lovi told Germany he would "keep your ass". XD

Whatever... [The name Hidan is familiar. Hmm..]

Just fuck off, already, va bene? I don't want to talk.

Well, fine!

[ kdhlasda Good job, you can actually make Lili annoyed. ]

Just don't hurt Italy's feelings anymore!

Anything related to clumsiness, I will always do clumsier. XD

Che.... What happens between us is our business.

xD Heeey, but it's awesome

Suit yourself! As long as he doesn't need to go through anymore more of you're faults.

[ Tch. ]

What the hell is that supposed to mean!?

Haha! Have I told you I love this thread? >_<

Stop being mean to him, that's all! It's simple.

Hehehe~ This whole RPG is full of magical threads :U

I'll stop being "mean" when he stops fucking up everything and being a complete idiot about it.

Huh! He doesn't! You really are mean, you know that?

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What does it matter, damnit? The world's full of bastards and bitches, it's about time the Swiss bastard told you that.


[ Oh, no you didn't. ]

[ ... You just. That word. She actually knows it. ]

3/3 gjsghsf Thiiis thread

How can you??

[ Why, yes. She is screaming and angry. ]

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