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001 - [Video]
makainoou wrote in rubycity_rp
[The communicator clicks on to display the face of what looks to be a 12-year-old boy. With red eyes and fangs. His voice is young, but there's an underlying growl to it as though he's barely restraining himself from outright shouting into the device.]

All right, listen up!

[A girl's voice from behind him adds:] Please!

I couldn't care less what the story is behind this place. All I want to know from you lot is who I have to kill to get out of here.

Laharl-san! You might not have to kill anything!

[This time the camera jostles a little bit to show a glimpse of the blonde with equally red eyes leaning over his shoulder.]

I did last time! Anyway it'll be faster.

What Laharl-san means to say is, if anyone can tell us if there's any way home, please?

[And Laharl hmphs, but doesn't add anything more before turning off the feed.]

((Blue text is Laharl, red is Flonne~ Edit: And feel free to ignore posting order, derp.))

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[ So confused, man. ]

You're not home, to put it simply.

I'm aware of that! I'm trying to get home!

Until now, no has found a way to go back!

So you're telling me you're completely useless.


[ Long. Pause. ]

You shouldn't speak like that, look at yourself, you're only a child!

[Growling under his breath.] Not this again..

I'm not a child! I'll speak how I want!

You could say that, but you should be ashamed of yourself!

You insolent brat! Do you even know who I am!?

I don't, but I can tell you're a child!

[Video] /butts in... many pardons!

[And this would be Flonne butting (literially) into view of Laharl's communicator.] I'm very sorry. Please don't mind Laharl-san. He's in a terrible mood... ah, but, he really isn't exactly a child--

Oi! [And Laharl shoves her away back out of the feed, though his gaze is on her instead of the screen for a minute.] Why do you always have to say that? She should mind me!

[He looks back at the screen now.] I'm 1313. Quit judging by appearances.

... Leharl?

You can't be that old!

[ What is wrong with this place....? ]

It's Laharl, Overlord of the Netherworld.

And I am that old.

Ah, I apologize. [ She blinked, tilting her head. ]

... Are you sure?

*leans over Laharl into frame again... she's taller than Laharl, so it's kinda easy to do*

It's really true! That's actually still fairly young for a demon.

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