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broswagonist wrote in rubycity_rp
[Stepping off the train, his bag in hand, Souji blinks when he looks around the unfamiliar station. He'd fallen asleep during the ride, but...

Did he sleep past his stop?

He looks around for someone to ask, but spots no one, and then runs a hand through his hair as he sighs, turning to get back on the train-- If he just stays on long enough he should eventually get to an end station, right?

... Ah.

[Just then the train starts to leave and he takes a few steps after it, before stopping and a bit frustrated, reaches into his pocket to retrieve his cellphone. He kind of has to call his parents now that this has happened, though he doubts they'll be happy. Reaching in though, what he pulls back out is a watch, not a cellphone.]

Hm? [He inspects it... No... It's not his. He opens it, and kind of pokes it, before turning it over... How did this even get into his pocket in the first place? He's completely oblivious to the fact that it's transmitting.]

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You seem new, ah...

[ A pause, how to deal with this, hmm. ]

You're not home, and until now no one has found a way to go back other then suddenly disappearing.

[Well, that seems oddly familiar...]

Well that doesn't sound too good.

It... isn't, although it seems you came in a much better time then most of us. Good thing you didn't need to have to meet... zombies.

That does sound like it would have been dangerous, yeah.

[And yet the idea of zombies itself doesn't put him off too much. If shadows can exist, if a world inside the TV can exist, then zombies aren't that much of a stretch.

... But he can see how it would be disturbing to those who were here for it, and tilts his head a little.

... You ok?

[ She nodded, watching him worriedly. ]

Can you protect yourself?

A-ah, yes.

[He nods his head. Protecting himself is something he's become exceptionally good at over the last year or so.]

.... Yeah.

[And then his expression changes to a small smile.]

That's good.

[ She nods back, glad that he could. ]

Hmm, what's your name?

... Oh right. [Totally forgot to introduce himself, didn't he. He gives a polite nod, and another of those small smiles.]

Souji Seta. And you are?

[ She cleared her throat, looking away due to her feeling just a bit odd. ]

Liechte- Lili, you can call me Lili, Seta.

Lili it is then. [He nods.] Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too...

Have you found a place to stay yet? I hope you're inside, it's rather cold now!

[He shakes his head. By now he has read the welcoming poster though, so he's no longer entirely clueless.

Even if this is terribly inconvenient and all.

Not yet.

[ She tries to give then a smile. ]

Need any help?

[He shakes his head, mostly because he's polite and doesn't want to be too much of a bother.]

I think I'll be fine on my own.

.... Thanks though.

[ Sush, you don't return politeness with politeness, she wants to help. ]

You're welcome... If you ever need any help feel free to call me, alright?

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