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[ACCIDENTAL VIDEO] Humpty Dumpty went to town, Humpty Dumpty tore his gown
tsunray wrote in rubycity_rp
(OOC: WARNING. There is some gore up in here. :| )


[The pocket watch falls from it's owner's pocket and clatters onto the stone ground. The impact somehow managing to activate the device. The first thing you might notice? That's right, you're looking up at +1 Elliot Nightray... covered in blood. He doesn't seem to remember how he got so bloody but... oh well. Oh right, there's blood pretty much everywhere. The alleyway the boy is standing in is splattered in blood, both on the walls and the ground.

Elliot's expression is 100% horror stricken. You can't see the scene in front of him yet, but surely you can figure out it's not pretty by the look on his face. ...and there's also the blood that's everywhere, too. Wordlessly the Nightray drops to his knees, his eyes faltering down to his bloodstained clothing. He wants to speak. He want's to shout! But he can't do either of those things. He's in a complete state of shock. Then, without warning, the name slips from his lips in a harsh whisper-]

H-Head Hunter...

[He's trembling, uncontrollably so. Looking not at all like the well put together young noble most knew. He grips at his chest, trying his best to calm himself ... Before finally taking notice of the recording pocket watch, hastily making a grab for it to turn it off. Only, he's not good with technology, so he'll fumble with it a bit while cursing under his breath. In the meantime, enjoy the not so lovely view of several decapitated zombies! Yeah, that's what Elliot's been staring at this whole damned time. Told you it wasn't pretty.]

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E-Elliot! Are you alright? O-of course you're not...

[ Lili couldn't help but stare in shock herself, trembling at the sight of so much blood. Headless... zombies, after all of this is over she was sure she'll need a good long break. But there was something more important, was Elliot alright? Was he hurt? She couldn't spit out any words at all, just staring for a good amount of time.


Where are you?

[It takes quite some time for a response to come. But when it finally does, Elliot's seems to have found his way out of the alley way. He stumbles, still grasping his shirt over his heart, breath heavy.]

Don't... Don't worry about me. You stay inside where it's safe... where it should be safe. Far away from me. Especially now that-- [Now that The Head Hunter is here.]

Far away from you...?

I'm sorry, I can't leave you like that... you're my friend.

[ She only stayed still for as long as to tell where he was, and at the moment she could she almost jumped out of her chair, ignoring the slight pain coming from her leg. ]

Don't get hurt.

[ She picked up a few things with her; first aid kit, a weapon or too, one that might just be to big for her to carry. And off she went, right out the door and right to where she could tell he is. ]

Lili...! Wait! What are you--!?

[Ah dammit, she's already gone. Elliot's so frustrated that what does he do? He turns around and punches the side of the building he's next to. Which... consequently scrapes up his knuckles quite a bit, but nothing too serious. It's then, however, that he notices his wrist has been hurting for quite some time now. He'll mutter a few curses under his breath while holding onto his injured hand, looking around to see if any more zombies are close.]

[ She tried her best to run there without having to deal with the zombies, good thing they were so slow! Although she hoped Elliot wouldn't mind the sound of guns, and by the sound, he could be able to tell she was close. By the time she reached there, she ran as fast as her legs could to Elliot, trying her best to ignore the strong sent of blood which might have brought back rather horrible memories. ]


[There was so much noise, people everywhere dealing with these monsters by any means. Though Elliot seemed to be listening for something in particular-- however when he hears his name being called he abruptly turns towards the voice, gritting his teeth out of anger.]

What are you doing!? You shouldn't be here!

I won't leave you like this... You're obviously not yourself.

[ Her eyes went straight to his hands, and she did a very good job in staying calm, telling herself before hand that she'll help him. Lili gently hurried right next to him, with a slight comforting gaze in her eyes. ]

No matter what you say, I won't leave you and...

What happened to your hand?

Stop worrying about ME dammit! You're injured, you shouldn't have dragged yourself out here into harms way! What kind of moron does crazy shit like this!?

[He's frantically glancing around to make sure there is no one else near.]

N-Nothing! My hand is fine!

You're covered in blood!

[ She had a gun in one hand, and didn't bother reaching out to him and instead slipped her hand under his arm. She won't believe anything he says, sorry. ]

Whatever happened, if you left faster the better. Let's go.


[Well, there are a lot of things he could say, excuses he could make, but none come to mind right now. All he can think about is getting Lili out of here, away from the zombies and... that other thing. So, less protesting and more getting the hell out of there.]

[ And the same goes for him, she didn't want to see anymore people injured. Her brother really was more then enough to give her her a huge fear of this place. She did her best to not ask anymore questions, but she could only think of so many possibilities, but as long as he was still alive she won't concern herself to much. ]

... How about hiding in the library?

It's too dangerous. I'm not sure if they can brake in there or not.

[Maybe they could make it to his apartment. It isn't too far from here, after all. But who knows if they'll have the zombie-free time to make it there. Not to mention Elliot really isn't up to making the full trip at the moment.]

But I guess the library will have to do, for now...

Ah, then that's that. Hm.

[ She kept her eyes fixed around herself, shifting every now and then to things that she thought would attack them but she calmed down gradually. By then she looked back at Elliot, with s slight smile, reached out and wiped some of the blood off his cheek. There. Much better. ]

[He'll watch as she extends her hand forward, unsure of what she plans on doing until he finally realizes... Oh. Her hand is on his cheek... LAKJSLKAJSDLKAJD /////]

C-Cut it out! We need to get to the library as quickly as possible. There's no time to lose!

[ She pull her hand back for just a moment, before promptly patting his cheek with a giggle. ]

Of course!

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