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✙ XX ✙ [Action]
[Neutral: Gun] Don't screw with me
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[Let it be stated, for the record, that Vash has never liked fighting.

Liked was not the word.

Excelled at was getting closer. Reveled in his own ability to maybe even more so.

So with streets swarming with the undead, Vash felt oddly at peace. In fact, he's humming as zombie after zombie falls, a single bullet lodged in its skull from one of his three beloved firearms. It's his national anthem, only a instinctive desire to not waste breath keeping him from singing aloud.

To any who can see the nation in this state, he is a sight to behold... And perhaps give them a chance to thank God he's on their side.]

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[ Hopefully he wouldn't mind someone hiding behind his back, would he? ]

[Of course not. Vash glances over his shoulder at his sister with a small smile.] Wouldn’t you be more comfortable inside?

Hmhm, I'm fine here!

[ That and she would feel better if anything happened to him this way, at least she could maybe protect him? ]

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