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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ A deep breath. Calm. Calm.

Yeah, no.

She can stay calm, although she can't since her breathing was far to fast and limping with an injured leg from her own home to someone else's didn't give her much room for rest, that and trying to run away from zombies.... Real zombies. ]

W-where's Break?

Why are there zombies? Of all things! I thought they were only in video games! And even then that frightened me...

Why are there zombies?! Z-zombies!

[ Yes, she will be peaking around Break's place. ]

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[Elliot was also out and about. He was scrolling through the posts of his communicator to check something when he noticed Lili's video.]

Lili- Xerxes Break is.... Lili where the hell are you!? Don't you know it's dangerous to be out right now?? You're safer indoors!

[ She blinked, leaning against the wall to rest, panting still. ]

I'm looking for him!

I know, but I had to!

You idiot! Whats the point in---

[He cuts off there to give a shake of his head.]

Tell me where you are! You shouldn't be out alone at a time like this!

[He's already inspecting the buildings in the background, trying to determine where she is so he can start in that direction.]

[ She sighed, lowering her head in defeat. ]

I'm where Break used to be. [insert directions here!]

I'm on my way! Stay out of sight, got it!?

[aaaaaaaand he takes off in her direction, hopefully arriving before any zombies do!]

I'll try.

[ She hid right under the window, while the zombies clawed at the glass... That's good, right? ]



[He's not exactly sure which residence is Break's since he never got the chance to visit sob but it's not hard to figure out when there's a random group of zombies clawing at the same window. Elliot grits his teeth and chargers forward, sheathed sword in hand.]

You numskulls better get lost, if you know what's good for you!!

[ She silently hoped he wouldn't get hurt, clutching at herself tightly. If he got hurt she wouldn't be able to forgive herself, she was careless and wandered around in this place of all places without anything to protect herself. ]


[ She snapped her head up at the voice, with a slight smile. He sounded angry, good. ]

[Doesn't he pretty much always sound some sort of angry, though?]

[Being the skilled swordsman he is, he knows the best course of action to take against these guys, however, he does not unsheathe his sword. He wastes no time in taking down the zombies in his way, but of course that wont keep them down for long.]

We have to go before they recover!

[ She peaked from behind the window, a shine showing in her eyes almost admiring him. ]

Hm, give me a moment? I just need to get up-

[ Which she does try, but wince after it due to the pain. It would at least take a few days. ]

[. . . WTF You have got to be kidding him. She is injured? FFFFFFFF]

... Dammit, We don't have time for this!

[BRB kicking in the door before going over to Lili and turning away from her, kneeling down before glancing back to her over his shoulder.]

Get on.

[Yes Lili. It is Elly piggy back tiemz.]

[ She blinked, giggling softly. She let herself lightly fall on top of him, don't worry, she's the lightest thing ever then wrapper her arms around him, letting her leg hang there. ]

Thank you, Elliot!

[ Uh, don't mind her nuzzling. Yep. ]


W-Would you quit your giggling!? This is no laughing matter, idiot!

[He'll stand quickly, securing her on his back by slipping his arms underneath her legs.]

Hang on tight.


ACTION; Yaaay Elliot is so awesome I can use this icon

F-fine! I'm just glad you came to help me!

[ She whimpered, moving her hurt leg away. ]



S-Sorry, just... bear with me till we get away from here.

[Hopefully they wouldn't run into any zombies along the way.]

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