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When you’re safe inside, 090« ❖
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ A deep breath. Calm. Calm.

Yeah, no.

She can stay calm, although she can't since her breathing was far to fast and limping with an injured leg from her own home to someone else's didn't give her much room for rest, that and trying to run away from zombies.... Real zombies. ]

W-where's Break?

Why are there zombies? Of all things! I thought they were only in video games! And even then that frightened me...

Why are there zombies?! Z-zombies!

[ Yes, she will be peaking around Break's place. ]

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W-why are you not at your home?!


[ A pause. ]

I had to look for him!

Break, was it? Still, it is so dangerous out there at the moment! You are hurt on top of it!


Well, I'm inside now, so don't worry.

Are you alone? I hope you are not still alone.

Right now I am, but really, Kane, don't worry.

Is anybody going to accompany you? It's not exactly safe for anyone alone.

[You can't stop him, he'll worry until he knows she's not alone. :| ]

[ A long pause, there should be someone... Her brother would most likely jump in somewhere, right? ]

I'm sure!


[Kanetsugu shook his head.]

I'll trust you on that. If anything should be before they get here, please don't hold back to call on me.

A-ah, I don't know.

[ She nodded, although she seemed to be ever so distracted by something off-screen. ]

[He narrows his eyes.]

Is anything approaching you?

I... think so.

[ Her voice shook, but she stayed calm for the most part. ]

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A zombie? Have you locked everything?!

[He on the other hand not.]

I think it might be, although, yes, I did.

[ He might catch a very soft whine. ]

I hope you don't think I won't worry under these circumstances. Are you in your house?

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