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1st Video of Awesomeness! [And action too]
behaupten wrote in rubycity_rp
[Shitty weather and a place he doesn't know. That is so not awesome at all. It would be funny if this happened to someone else, someone less awesome than him. But the fun stops when he's the victim.]

What the hell?! First I'm stuck in this lame train and now I'm at some city with weather like England's?! Unfair! The awesome me demands an explanation! Where am I? And where is everyone?!

Lutz! If you are out somewhere, I'm stuck at the station and freezing to death! I could need an umbrella, you know? I'm too awesome to catch a goddamn cold!

[He sneezes and ungracefully wipes his nose on his sleeve.]

And you better be quick!

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This isn't a good time for you to come... [ She bit her lip, sighing. ]

Did anyone come to get you yet?

Liech! What do you mean "it's not good"? The world is a much better place if I'm around!

Nein, I'm all by my awesome self. Not that I need anyone to come and get me.

[He does. The cold is getting to him.]

I-it's not good because there were zombies! I hope you're inside somewhere.

[ She didn't believe that, and let out a sigh. ]

I'll... try to get to you, where are you?

Now you start with Zombies too. Don't tell me I missed something, the awesome me never does!

[He never lies. Never.]

All by yourself? Won't Swissy be worried about you?

[ She takes a deep breath, shivering slightly. ]

There were zombies and many things, from what I can tell, that you missed!

I think he would, of course he would! B-but.

So you are telling me I missed the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse?!

[He's willing to believe her, he doesn't think that Lili out of all people would joke with him like that.]


I'm hoping it doesn't reach that point!

[ She bit her lip, puffing up her cheeks. ]

I can't just leave you.

Oh! So it hasn't actually happened yet!

[What the. This is cute Lili, so adorable!]

I'll be fine Mäuschen, there's no need to worry about the awesome me!

[Unless you want to. Then it's okay.]

You shouldn't be so happy about it! People get bitten and then...

[ Oh, she will, until she knows he'll be fine. Although the odd nickname thing caught her off guard. ]

W-when did you call me that?

Who wouldn't be happy if the world is still there? And you can get rid of zombies after all!

[He's Prussia, he survived the hell that was Soviet Russia, of course he will be fine!]

Because you are too cute! But don't tell your brother I said that!

Shooting wouldn't always work... [ Pause, hey, you called her that so- ] Gil.

T-this is the second time someone tells me that.

[ Don't mind her, she'll just blush right here. ]

Who talked about shooting only?

[That grin is hopefully not too scary.]

Is it? They should do it more often!

A-ah, in that case then tell me if you get hurt...

[ In that case, then he failed, since she squeaked blinking at that. ]

I'm glad you two think so, then!

I'd rather not have you worry!

[He hasn't noticed, but he's back to smiling normally.]

Mind if I ask who else said so?

[ She smiled, lightly waving a hand. ]

Oh, Elliot said that to me! He looks very much like bruder, and he even saved me several times! Although he gets angry like how bruder used to...

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