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unit_202 wrote in rubycity_rp
[202 had intended for this to be a nice, helpful video. Having spent a day going through her sundry books and papers and sorting them into nice, coordinated stacks, the plan had been to ask other people for help with a little pet project of sorts, with a worthwhile return on offer for their trouble. Productive. Organized. Efficient.
You know. Nice.

No sooner has she initiated the video feed(complete with a polite smile in place, no less), however, then the ground begins to shake. 202 promptly topples, sending her communicator skidding drunkenly across the floor before it comes to rest against a nearby wall-- Just in time to show the blonde get unceremoniously buried beneath those formerly-tidy book stacks as they collapse on top of her.

As the rumbling and shaking comes to a stop, 202 emerges from beneath the small literary mountain looking disheveled but unharmed... And now that polite smile is gone, replaced with a look of barely-restrained, golden-eyed wrath.]

...Which...One of you... Did that.

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Are you alright?

[ She couldn't help but feel worried. Might be those cracks her brother talked about. ]

Oh--Miss Lili! I'm fine, I'm fine. Are you okay? [Hauling herself out from the pile of fallen books, 202 scrambles hurriedly for her communicator. Her project could wait, of course.] Were you hurt?

That's good! I... [And her brother, of course, but she won't say it] would be worried if you did!

Not really, just a little something?

I'm hard to hurt, miss Lili, don't worry. What about you--what's this "little something?" Do you need help?

U-uhm, alright then but if you did you should tell someone!

[ She nodded, but then shook her head with a little giggle. ]

I did get hurt a bit, but someone said they'll help me, so you shouldn't worry.

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