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badatmyjob wrote in rubycity_rp
The weather might be getting cooler outside, but that's not stopping Lukas from doin' what he does. Which, generally, is whatever he wants.

Lukas has picked a nice open spot with some grass to lay out several picnic baskets, coffee thermoses, plates and silverware. He's brought them along in a child's red wagon (which he pulled along with a rope - face it, it wouldn't work otherwise with how tall he is!) and is merrily setting everything while humming to himself. Fee free to approach!

Otherwise, everyone in town is getting a text, describing his location and details. Free food and drinks! Why? Why not! And you know it's good cuz I made it!! :)

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R-really? That sounds fun! Do I know you?

I hope so~ And no, I don't think so, but that doesn't matter. This is for everyone!

Well! I'll love to come, hm, any specific time?

I'm out here now! So I guess you've got until the food's gone.

Ah, well I'm not used to that but I'll come after I get prepared?

It's really nice of you to do this, I'm sure!

Huhuu, it's nothing formal, you know. Just something to get people out of the house. And to enjoy my awesome food.

I shouldn't be formal? Well, I'll try my best! I'm used to being very formal all the time, so, ahem, excuse me.

Is it that good?

That's fine! Just come on down. I'll be here~ I'm Lukas, by the way.

Lukas? Nice to meet you, Lukas. I'm Liechtenstein!

[Action or log? Just in case you put one up so everyone can threadjack everyone else.]

oh i never thought of posting a log >< Action is fine!

[Liechtenstein will find Lukas at the park, carefully setting up good and sneaking pieces here and there for himself.]

[ She'll give him a wave, rather pleased by the place already. ]

H-hello, are you Lukas?

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[He cheerfully waves back. Try not to be intimidated by the large demon with a hole in his face.]

Hey there! Yep, the one and only~

[ She didn't notice that from afar, but once she did get closer... well, that reminded her of certain things in catacombs that she really didn't want to remember. She gasped, shaking slightly. Mostly frozen in place. ]

I... you... I'm sorry!

[Lukas blinked in surprise.] ...For what?

A-ah... I'm sorry.

[ She'll snap out of it, with a blink. ]

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