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I'm just so happy!
fleurdeamour wrote in rubycity_rp
[It's been a long time since Francis found any sort of motivation to paint anything in this city. There had been the sunflower fields, the waterfall, Theta's London...

He remembered who was next on his list - Vash, he wanted lilies.

His motivation for the painting wasn't so much out of determination or enjoyment of art, this time. Lilies interesting flower. A variation of colours, some of the purest white, many different meanings: that one was regal, or for a celebration, enthusiasm, ambition... And oddly enough, used in funerals a great deal. In his country the burial flower was the carnation, but he knew it was white lilies elsewhere. Such an elegant, fragile thing...

Truth be told, Francis, dramatic as he was, was in a form of mourning. It wasn't for Jeanne - he'd come to terms with that. He knew that this was how it had to be. This was more for his past. The people he'd lost to war, memories surpressed. The Holy Roman Empire. The Auld Alliance; Scotland. Darien. His lost time with Mathieu, the half a century he'd been a virgin, his flakiness and fleeing nature, his failures...all of it would go into this, disguised as filling in Vash's request for a work of true beauty.

He walked by the sunflower fields painting, running his hand along it, remembering a nurse here he used to be very close to. He walked by the waterfall painting, smiling at the flowers he'd placed in the greenery by the falls. He strolled by Theta's shop, placing a hand on top of an English rose he'd painted in a bush off to the side. Fleur...

He was Hell-bent on completing it in one go. He wasn't going to stop, so long as he could handle it, and after this everything would be alright. Everything would go away, just like that; he could move on. His tears would be trapped in the painting on the side of this building, and he felt that he could smile and continue on with life, then, and do what he did best.


He found a new building that he deemed to be his canvas, wheeled over his half-ass attempt at making stable scaffolding from his last site, took all the white and green paint he could get from the stores, and began.

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[ Taking a nice long stroll in the city she couldn't help but peek her head into his place, having not seen him in awhile. Last time being that one video post, she couldn't help but worry. ]


[Sorry, he's not there - he's somewhere out in the city, painting.]

[ That didn't surprise her much, maybe he was talking a walk himself? She sighed, and left the building and contained to stroll around in hopes of finding him. ]


[Blink - was someone calling his name? ...well...if they found him, they found him - though it sounded like...

He looks around and spots her a ways away.


[ She curiously looked over all the painting, smiling brightly. France's drawings and paintings were always something to be admired. ]

Hm, I was looking for you.

Ah. Well, here I am~

[He barely kept up the cheerful lilt to his voice, and opted to turn back to the painting and continue.]

[ She noticed that, but she tried her best to smile. She'll silently place a small basket on the ground, then make her way next to her, poking at the painting in awe. ]

They're really nice.

Oui. Your brozzer asked for eet a while back; I'm finally getting around to eet.

My... brother?

[ Lilies? Of all things? She was extremely surprised he didn't go with with Edelweiss. ]

I... It's lovely.

[He smiles and nods.]

Merci. But eet's hardly even begun to form - so much detail left to do.

[ She shook her head, with a much brighter smile. ]

I think... he would like it. Did he tell you anything else when he said he wanted lilies?

Non, but I do 'ave a mountain range planned for ze background.

T-the alps? Really? Will you really?

[ That might have been a bit to much, but she couldn't help it. ]

Oui~ But keep eet quiet, hm~?

I certainly know what eet's like to miss your home.

A-aha, I shouldn't say this to anyone! [ She'll take a deep breath, and nod. ] I'll... I hope it will be nice, but knowing you I'm sure it will be good!

[ Well, France, I hope you don't mind getting hugged. ]

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