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Lesson 032 - [Video/Action]
chikara wo kashite kudasai
watching_seven wrote in rubycity_rp
[There's a rather large pile of leaves that have been gathered on the front lawn of the young mage's home. The dragonlings have been helping, and it looks like they're just about finished.

Maciel smiles, wiping his brow with the back of his sleeve as he leans against his little rake. Then he blinks as one of the kids makes an exclamation- just before a certain wind dragon comes running full speed across the lawn to hurl himself into the leaf pile.

Ah! Saata--!

[Leaves go flying everywhere, and despite the glares from his fellow dragonlings, Saata looks smug. Maciel sighs, brushing a leaf from his hair, but his stern look is replaced by a faint smile as he shakes his head.]

Well, looks like you'll have another lesson today, just for that. Come here. The rest of you, stand back a little? Saata, lend me your power.

[Once the dragonlings have moved to the side behind Maciel, the wind dragonling nods and closes his eyes, holding his hands up.

Maciel closes his eyes, lifting his hand out towards the leaf-scattered lawn, and a breeze begins to pick up, eventually growing strong enough to lift the leaves, gathering them in a small whirlwind. The wind begins to thin out again, but not until all the leaves have been deposited into a new pile.

There we are!

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A-amazing! How did you do that?

Eh? Oh! That was wind magic.

Wind magic? [ Gasp! What is this amazing? ]

Tell me!

[Maciel blinks, nodding.]

...ah? But...I just told you..?

[ She giggles, nodding. ]

Hmhm! Tell me more about it!


Well, it's dragon magic. Each dragonling uses a different type of magic, but they're still learning how to control it, so I help them.

Wind is Saata's specialty! [He smiles and gestures to the little pale-haired child, who offers a bright grin and waves.]

I... see! It sounds amazing! [ It's like some fairy tale! She loved this stuff. ]

Uhm, hello there, Saata?

[Oh~ the kids love making new friends. They all crowd around the watch and Saata to wave in turn.]

[ She blinked, smiled, then waved at all of them in return. ]

Are you all... dragoninglies?

[Maciel laughs in the background.]

They're dragonlings- baby dragons.

Drangonlings? Aha! I see!

[ She laugh at her horrible mispronunciation. ]

They don't look like the dragons I know!

Well, they are only children. But where we come from, when they're born and for the time they remain with dragon mages to learn how to use their magic, they take on a human form.

Ahh, I didn't know that there were dragons that can do that! Do they all have names?

Perhaps not in every world, but this is true of ours.

[He smiles, nodding.]

Uhn! Let's see...

This is Naata,

You've met Saata,

Aata, Maata and Taata,

Haata and Kaata.

And I'm Maciel. It's very nice to meet you, miss..?

S-so many of them! Nice to meet you... Zeeta! [ Shush, she nicknamed all of you Zeeta since you're all seven, amazing? ]

Nice to meet you, Meciel. I'm Liechtenstein!

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