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Video-text / action! TAGS WILL BE SLOW. =/
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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp

[ Although it was rather early, Lili was one of those people that always got up early in the morning (That and that massage from the person she isn't exactly fond of couldn't let her sleep), and popping some of the candies in her mouth was just the way to start a day.

She sighed, just to see the morning sun was enough to put her in the good mood for the rest of the day. Well, it isn't the same as seeing the sun in the alps, but it was still lovely. She was staring out of the window, leaning down just a bit to rest her arms on the edge of it. The chirping of birds made sense, but she couldn't trust her ears it was... odd.

She tried to speak again, sighing after a few times. Where did her voice go? Maybe her throat got a bit scratched up. Right? ]

[[Good morning, everyone. Has everyone got that massage from him?]]

[ She tapped the device, wanting to make sure it wasn't only her since she had to think this through if it was him being the one that sent it. moving it just a bit and now it was shown that she wasn't wearing her usual dresses. Although this was a dress, it was much more extravagant looking- she even had some wings! ]


[ She'll be walking around the city, stopping to listen to some of the animals, nodding her head every now and then. Maybe even giggling randomly at the things she hears, feel free to bother her... Or think she went crazy. ]

(ooc: She is dressed up as tinkerbell! Will provide a pic once I'm not on phone. Derp. Mute and animals, aw yeah.)

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[It takes some fiddling to figure out, but he manages to work out how to make a text reply.]

message? from who?

Ah, it's best if you didn't know him. He isn't exactly someone you would want to meet.

why do you say that?

[He hesitates then, not sure if he wants to say more. Eventually, he adds:]

i just got here. what did the message say?

[text] That was so text I just derped. ><

[[That we are invited to a party, although I worry about these things now.]]

[ She looked worried at that, watching him carefully. ]

[[Have you found a place to stay?]]

[ What the hell. These are the worst kidnappers ever. Still, a party would be a good place to get a feel for the sorts of people there are in this place, so...]

a party? when and where?

not yet, but i can pick any place i want, right?

[For convenience, saying this is before he leaves the train station, okok.]

[ A small nod, then she paused trying to remember when exactly. ]

[[This evening.

You can, but do you need any help?]]

ok. got it.

i'll be fine.

[forever stubborn...]

[[If you say so.]]

[ Hi. This is Lili, she doesn't believe you. =/ ]

[eyebrow twitch]

i dont want to hear that from a little girl.

[But you look the same age as her, Gil...]

[ A blink, she being a nation would be much older then she looks but she couldn't understand why "she" was acting that way. ]

[[But you're the same?]]

im 23.

[If this was audio instead of text, he'd be sounding so defensive.]

I couldn't tell, I'm sorry.

[ Awkward laugh is go! Sadly, it isn't. ]

[Harrumph harrumph. Gil is a cranky dhampir.]

so i dont need any help. i can live on my own just fine.

[[Still, it still stands if you need any help I'm here, alright?

Which reminds me, I'm Liechtenstein. Or Lili, if that's easier.]]


[Not even responding to her offer to help because he is an adult and can handle things fine on his own ಠ益ಠ]

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