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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp

[ Although it was rather early, Lili was one of those people that always got up early in the morning (That and that massage from the person she isn't exactly fond of couldn't let her sleep), and popping some of the candies in her mouth was just the way to start a day.

She sighed, just to see the morning sun was enough to put her in the good mood for the rest of the day. Well, it isn't the same as seeing the sun in the alps, but it was still lovely. She was staring out of the window, leaning down just a bit to rest her arms on the edge of it. The chirping of birds made sense, but she couldn't trust her ears it was... odd.

She tried to speak again, sighing after a few times. Where did her voice go? Maybe her throat got a bit scratched up. Right? ]

[[Good morning, everyone. Has everyone got that massage from him?]]

[ She tapped the device, wanting to make sure it wasn't only her since she had to think this through if it was him being the one that sent it. moving it just a bit and now it was shown that she wasn't wearing her usual dresses. Although this was a dress, it was much more extravagant looking- she even had some wings! ]


[ She'll be walking around the city, stopping to listen to some of the animals, nodding her head every now and then. Maybe even giggling randomly at the things she hears, feel free to bother her... Or think she went crazy. ]

(ooc: She is dressed up as tinkerbell! Will provide a pic once I'm not on phone. Derp. Mute and animals, aw yeah.)

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I did get this message.

A-ah, then it's safe to go right?

... Date?

I don't know if it is "safe", but I'm quite certain you wouldn't be the only one who goes there if you do.

Date? [He looks quite confused.]

[[If it was something that was sent to us all then I could only hope that this wouldn't have some sort of horrible event planned with it.

I thought you were a friend of mine, since you two have the same attire.]]

[ She'll give him a smile, a rather apologetic one. ]

I can only hope so as well. At least we should make sure not to let our gurad down.

It is no problem.
[He returns the smile. In that moment, the dots in his head start to connect.]
He has? You said that person has the same attire as me... may I ask for that person's full name?

[[I'll keep that in mind.]]

[ She nods, just a bit happy that he smiled back. ]

[[Date Masamune, if I recall correctly.]]

That would be good. I'm Kanetsugu Naoe, by the way. May I ask for your name?

[Now his face went from smile to utter surprise.]


[He looks away for a short moment.]

Is he here?

[[You can call me Liechtenstein or Lili Zwingli, whichever you prefer.]]

[ Hey, she was right, they knew each other. At that she nodded. ]

I will call you Lili, if that is okay? [Those two different name pattern reminded him of someone else whose acquaintance he had already made here.] You do not happen to know Italy, do you?

[Kanetsugu closed his eyes for a brief moment, lifting a fist towards his chest. If Masamune was here, why didn't he contact him? Had he simply not seen him? Then he opened his eyes again.]

Thank you very much for this information. I really appreciate it.

[[It's fine, of course.

I do know him!]]

[ She noticed that, then gave him a little smile just to comfort him. She knows that look. ]

[[No need, really. Although it could be that he doesn't know you're here yet.]]

I see. The way you are named seemed similar to me, that is what I had to ask. Are you from the same world then?

You are right, that might be possible. This information is really important to me, though, he is a comrade of mine.
[He bows his head deeply to show his gratitude once again.]

[[Exactly, we are.

I can tell.]]

[ Another blink, then she bows her head back, just a bit awkwardly. ]

I see. Is he a close friend of yours?

Is it that obvious?
[He smiles a bit awkwardly. He would have never thought that he would say or think so about Masamune back then. Now it was apparantly written all over his face.]

[[Italy is, we went through a lot together.

From the way you looked I could tell, yes.]]

I see. I guess you are looking out for each other, right? Though I could imagine you have to look out more for him.

O-oh. I didn't really expect anyone I know here. [Great, it was really written all over his face.]

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