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♋ 14th Memo [ Video ]
beepbeepmeeow wrote in rubycity_rp

[Was the first sound heard over the feed as it came on. The second was the thud of a Karkat falling out of a chair to the floor, once he had gotten free of the ropes that had bound him. It isn’t long before Karkat’s face appears on the feed and he looks okay, well except for the fact he is sporting a new haircut and hair color. Pink. Not just any pink a vibrant, stunning shade of hot pink. How the heck did he even get it to that color? Gratuitous amounts of Bleach.

Noticing the feed is on Karkat quickly pulls his shirt over his head. He begins speaking his voice a bit muffled. Perhaps he can shed some light as to why his hair is now a vibrant pink and is now the home to various colored clips and bows. All the bows.]

I’m not one to beg, or ask for help, but I will say this in the most polite way possible.

Assholes! Get me the fuck out of here! He is rabid with a mad disease! Dear gog! Save me, before he decides my nails need to change color to my mood. How do you even achieve that!? He is obsessed with trying to achieve some new human power of rainbow diarrhea in my hair. Please, fucking please get me the fuck away from this albino flesh monkey!

[[Ooc: Joint Post. Replies will be responded to by Hidan (blade_of_jashin) or Karkat or both. Enjoy feel free to poke fun at Karkat, attempt to rescue or just laugh in his face. xD Oh and Karkat is at his hive. Hidan did this while Terezi was out xD. Just for reference.]]

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... Your hair! It's... pink!

What happened?

...Stop staring and do something about it!

I decided to change it up a bit! What do you fucking think happened nookpan!

A-ahm... You could dye it back to it's normal color?

[ She blinked, then nodded just a bit scared. ]

[Don't worry...he's all bark and no bite. If...he gets to know you, he's actually the most romantic derp, loyal and protective troll ever. Scratch that. But he is a good friend.]


I wasn't even aware you could dye black hair 30 minutes ago!

[And after bleaching his hair four times...]

.... Maybe it got bleached first!

[ She knew it. ]

And maybe I should slam my fist into his face for doing so.

Hidan is the asshole. It is him.

Come on baby, bring it on, lets see if ya can make it hurt this time.

... Hey! You shouldn't hurt Hidan!

Oh? I shouldn't? What qualifies you to tell me exactly what I cna and can't do?
Give up? Yes, well the answer is fucking nothing.

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