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[Backdated to when the mansion was still here, yep. =_=]
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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ OOC: This is after she reached Elena, and she decided to go back for more... fun. Backdated to when the mansion was still here, yep. =_= I am so not sorry! ]

[ The camera was mostly focused on the ground, chipped and shattered glass everywhere. Her steps were slow, and she kept talking steps back, whispering in denial to what she was seeing. It couldn't be, he's gone, the Holy Romen Empire has been gone for a long time and Austria would never do anything like that. ]

Who threw the glass? Who was it? It must be some kind of cruel game, I won't believe any of this.

[ A few drops of blood fell on the ground, dyeing the glass a rather dark shade of red. The voices simply said her name over and over, sounded rather empty, that of a young boy and an older man. There was a gasp for air, most likely from Lili. ]

N-no, it's not you. This place is just playing tricks on me, it must be that. You can't hurt me. You can't.

Yet you're barely standing, my, and here you wonder why I abandoned you.

Y-you... you went away, and you never came back. Even Italy didn't know what happened to you... Even you Aust- [ At that the communicator fell from her hand, onto the ground breaking the rest of the glass underneath it. ]

I'm sorr- [ With a whimper the feed was cut short, she most likely wouldn't be able to answer much at all. ]

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[Feliciano had seen enough. Heart beating a mile a minute with fear for Lili - and maybe some fear for himself at having to confront this cruel mockery of Holy Roman once again - he grabbed the white napkin she gave him while searching for Vash and off he was. He didn't even try to contact her by the watch. He wouldn't be able to help her that way.]

[It wasn't until he stood right in front of the mansion's intimidating doors that he remembered he wasn't made out to be a hero. Nor to save anyone. He wasn't even inside yet and already felt like calling for someone to rescue him! But... but... Lili had been bleeding. She had been scared and bleeding and he had promised himself to watch out for her when Vash was gone. Promises were important.]

[He slipped tentatively inside.] Lili? Where are you?

[ She barely heard the other nations voice, thoughts mostly focused on the man that had her held up by her throat. Her breathing was very forced, the grip on her throat tightening and lightening as if wanting to make it last longer. ]

S-sorr- [ She tried to remove his hand, scratching at his hands desperately. ]

I see someone is trying to stay alive?

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[Voices? Feliciano froze. But no, he had to move on! There were other voices now as well, these whispering voices of the ghosts. They struck him as malicious, watching, waiting, preying with their ghostly claws reaching out for him... He shuddered and cursed himself for his very active imagination.]

[One hand tightly clutched around the white napkin in his pocket, Feliciano followed the voices.]


[He caught sight of the scene then, of Lili, of her attacker.]

Lili! [he yelled, tears already swimming in his eyes. He darted forward, running towards them.]

[ It didn't take her much longer before her body grew numb, and the ever changed grip on her was slowly driving her to the edge of madness. Her eyes were going blurry, still fixed on Austria. She couldn't believe it, everything they said, it must be lies. A few tears fell from her eyes, now expression blank with shock.

She heard something, her name? Yes, she's been hearing her name for so long it almost lost meaning, but something was odd this time. It didn't send chills down her spine, it actually made her feel and hopeful and yet scared, she didn't know why though. ]

who..... [ She only noticed that he let go when a sharp pain hit her entire body, once she made contact with the ground. ]

Lili, Lili, Lili! Let her go, you monster!

[He ran at them, the horrible ghost that looked like Austria and Lili, though he had no idea what he was going to do when he reached them. He didn't fight. That was not how he operated. He ran from danger, never towards it - he had no idea what you did when you were done running towards danger and had arrived.

To his relief, Austria let go of Lili before he was forced to do anything, dropping her to the ground like a ragdoll. The relief was only momentary, though, for Austria's cold eyes turned on him, piercing him with hate and revulsion.]

Weak little Italy... One pathetic child running to save the other... But you can't save anyone. Why don't you cry and cower already? You know you will do so anyway.

Italy stumbled backwards, pulling the napkin out of his pocket and wringing it in his hands. "No..."

Italia [Holy Roman said sweetly.]

[ She opened her eyes, squinting heavily until she could make out who it was. It wasn't a ghost, it's someone she knew but that was enough for her to fall unconscious, that slight feeling of familiarity. ]

Someone rescue the rescuer? :P

Holy Roman... [Italy squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head, remembering what Francis and Becca had reassured him of.] No! You're not Holy Roman!

[He forced himself to ignore the apparitions and concentrate fully on Lili, who just lay lifeless on the floor, so horribly lifeless. Was she even still breathing? He tried to run to her side, but something flew through the air right in front of him, a glass or a mug, and he recoiled.]

Lili, Lili! Wake up, Lili! We have to get out of here!

[ She moaned and whimpered every now and then, well, that was proof enough she was still alive. At the sudden push, she got pushed to her side, grabbing at her arm, which had most of the sleeve torn off, showing a rather bruised part of her elbow. ]


Lili, you're alive! [He made another mad dash to her side, making it this time, though glass exploded and the ghost of Holy Roman howled in fury. He dropped to his knees at her side, anxiously, aimlessly patting at her body to feel for injuries, whimpering and ve'ing all the time.

Suddenly, he was grabbed by the arm and torn away from Lili to look right into Holy Roman's furious face.] I wasn't done with you, Italia. I don't like it when you ignore me. It hurts my feelings.

Pfft, sorrry, I didn't know this got tagged back. Thank god for activity post! xD

[ She shifted, breathing heavily. At the sudden touches, she gasped, screwing her eyes shut, hoping that she wasn't going to be attack again. ]


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