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004 -- [video]
breaking_candy wrote in rubycity_rp
[The camera flicks on. There is Break, sitting at a table, looking as chipper as always.]

Hello fellow citizens!

In light of some rather delightful experiences, I've decided to start a business of sorts. It's not one of those boring suite and tie places, don't you worry~. It's a retrieval business. See, when people post to the network asking for help on serious matters, we go assist them. Fights mainly, but I suppose saving cats from trees could also fall under an emergency. We even have a perfect employee for the job!

But other employees we're rather short on. If you have any sort of fighting ability at all and need a job, please call me and ask for the manager of B&E. Or Xerxes Break. Either will work just fine~!

Thank you for your time~!

Filter to Gilbert Nightray and Naoki Kashima
Is our house ready for guests, because we're going to have a few. Also, the matter of this business I would like to discuss with you both. Which is also why we're having company~. I expect the house clean in an hour! ((Log is here!))

Filter to Alice (B. Rabbit), Elliot Nightray, and Liechtenstein
I would like you to be at Gilbert-kun's house in an hour because of this business. Don't be late~! ((Log is here!))

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[Filtered to Break/Elliot/Alice]

O-oh? I'll be there!

[ This sounds odd, but she's coming. ]

[Filtered to Break/Elliot/Alice]

Great! I look forward to seeing you~!

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