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♪ 001 } video/action
wrotethissong wrote in rubycity_rp
[ The video feed starts and at first the figure - young, blue-grey skin with long dark hair hanging loose - seems slightly puzzled; it is made clear that she wasn't aware that the button she clicked would get the device to work. The expression wears off quickly enough however, giving way to a far more amused one. Whether it's sincere or not is up to the viewer on the other side, though personally she would like to think it is. Very little scares Marceline nowadays and sorry to say, but some old train station isn't going to do the trick.
Speaking of - it seems like she's still still there at the station, though she isn't as confused about her surroundings as she could have been, all things considered. The truth is, she took her time reading the posters and while they didn't seem to offer as much information as she would like, it was still enough to get her to want to explore the place. And that's probably a good thing, right?
She arches an eyebrow and grins at the device, flashing two sharp fangs before speaking up. ]

Man, what kind of welcome party have you got going on here? This train station is dull as heck. [ She moves around - hovers around actually, leaning back - and turns her head to examine her surroundings as if to prove her point. ]

Any welcome faces I should watch out for, at least? Finn, Jake, anyone?

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Oh, I hope you saw the posters?

[ She gives her a little smile, well, hovering person? What's new in this place! Although that did catch her by surprise, and it was just a bit distracting. ]

[ Oooh, look at this cute girl. Marceline waves a hand at her before she taps one of the posters next to her. ]

Yeah, I read them a couple of times to see what the heck this were all about. So, are you here to welcome me or fight me or what?

[ Don't let appearances deceive her, she's grown quite a bit. ]

A-ah, I would never fight someone out of the blue. Do you need any help?

Hmm. [ Oh she'll learn that eventually! Just give her some time.

She shrugs in response. ]

Nah, I'm good. Though I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about the housing thing here. Do I just crash wherever I want? And also what's your name?

[ She paused, then nodded. ]

I think so? You could stay at the hotel or anywhere you feel like! Oh? I'm Lili Zwingli. [ A pause. ] And some know me as Liechtenstein.

Awesome, a hotel! [ She pauses, humming. ] I'll probably find a place of my own, but I'll keep that in mind.

Nice to meet you Lili. [ Or, Liechtenstein. What an unusual name! ] I'm Marceline.

You could stay here until you find a place?

Nice to meet you, Marceline!

[ A nod. ]

Hmm, yeah I think I'll do that! It'll give me more time to find a house of my liking. Are you staying there too?

Hm, no! I have my own house with my brother, he built it!

Your brother built it? I bet it's way more familiar and comfortable than some old, run-down place; which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

It is! It's much nicer then staying anywhere else.

I bet. It's good that you like it; homes are supposed to feel safe.
I think I'm gonna miss my house - well, one more than the others. But I think I'll get used to this.

Yeah! I've got lots of places back where I come from. It's sort of a lifetime achievement.

Oh, that sounds great!

[ Sorry, she thinks you are now some sort of banker or something.xD ]

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