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Tenth Shadow: [Accidental Video]
Friend // New and old
strayintoshadow wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed clicks on to reveal-- well, at first it’s hard to tell what. It’s attached to something that’s moving, but occasionally everything goes blank as if the world simply ceases to exist. Finally there is a long pause, whatever the watch is on having stopped to stare up at a familiar building to those with a love of books in the city.]


[The decidedly female voice is followed by a shifting of perspective as she kneels, a darkly tanned hand moving into view to stroke something just off screen.]


[She stands again and steps into the library. There is a confusing jumble of images as she moves throughout the stacks, quite clearly searching for something. A glimpse of something can be seen, some creature moving beside her. Blacker than pitch, it fades in and out of view with each passed shadow.

Finally Stray stops-- only she could be the one being followed by a creature with crescent eyes blazing of unreality-- and kneels again, holding her hands out to the shadows before her.]

Here. Come here. I’m here. You have been calling me, haven’t you? Come out. I have one with me already...

[The watch is angled oddly, but it manages to catch as the darkness writhes and forms a small, cat-like form with the same burning crescent eyes. A matching one comes forward to stand beside it, twin creatures whose footsteps trail the faintest hint of silver fire. They turn to Stray and make a deep chiming noise, almost like that of a bell from far, far away.]

... Belial. Beezelbub... Levia?

[The feed trembles as Stray shakes her head.]

Don’t know. Never met friends who could talk, or who are so big... Can you say anything else?

[More bells.]

...Hm. Okay. Bel and Zel, then.

[One of the creatures turns to look directly at the feed... which flickers and shuts off.]

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... You're that girl?

[ She knows that place and as much as she feared it from what happened and what she saw, she almost felt like she had to go if only for this girl. ]

Don't follow them!

[Stray stares in confusion.]

Don't follow them? Where are we going?

It's just dangerous!

[ Well, isn't this ironic? ]

Because they'll attack. You should listen to me and leave.

They won't attack. They keep me safe!

[Stray is totally confused.]

Yes! They have kept me safe all my life!

[She glances at Bel and Zel with a small frown.]

Well, not Bel and Zel specifically.


[Stray moves to pick up both of them to show this strange girl who is so afraid for no reason.]

[ She was, to put it simply, speechless. She was there, and she was sure she was attacked... But, why? ]

They... don't hurt you?


[Stray is so confused.]

They are my friends. Why would they hurt?

[ A very, very slow nod. ]

I got attacked by some of them there.

[Stray STARES.]

What? You must be wrong. Friends never attack!

Well, I wouldn't say they are my friends since the things here take their appearance, but they did attack me.

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