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Fifth -Video/Action- Backdated to when Vash just got into the hospital!
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
(OOC: Quick rundown in case you were wondering! Vash went missing (Y'know, angry Swiss dude) 202 and Germany went to look for him in the catacombs! She was awesome and stalked them -and lied to them...- until she ended up in it to, but it was mostly mentally traumatic then her getting physically harmed. So, I'm a good sweet mun. Oh, and her ribbon is gone, feel free notice that and get her even more depressed/happy or... something. )

I'm sorry... [ Her voice was shaking, most of her face hidden by her hair, ribbon missing and a very faint sound of her uneasy breathing was what she could hear. Her head was resting on the wall, bitting her lip. Vash was finally asleep, and there but she didn't want to disturb both him and 202, as much as she couldn't believe she was doing this. She wanted to stay, but it didn't seem right. ]

I... have to stay strong for him! [ She nodded, forcing on a smile before it fell after a moment.. ]

Hm... Ah!

[ Why does it always work at times like this? ] I... uh.

[ Lili stared down at the communicator, with yet another forced smile, which was oddly rather bitter. With a small click, she stopped the feed. ]

... I hope no one saw me like that.

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[Wow, Lili looks a mess. Elliot's not used to seeing her this way, she's normally so bright and cheery- so it really catches him off guard to see footage of her in such a distraught state.]

Hey, you don't have to act so tough, you know? There's no shame in admitting to feeling weak or asking for help if and when you need it. [Even though Elliot always does the exact opposite of all that--] So none of this "having to stay strong for him" bull crap, you hear?

... U-uh.

[ It took her a bit longer then usual to piece together who he is, but she shook her head in response. ]

But I have to.

You don't have to do anything! You're only deluding yourself into thinking you have to.

... But I had to do something, I just ran away and couldn't find him myself.

[ Then next is just above a whisper. ] It's my fault.

Shut up!!

[Elliot doesn't completely understand the situation, but the way Lili keeps blaming herself for all of it is really starting to work on his nerves.]

That sort of excuse you're making, that it's "all your fault" is only a means of self satisfaction to cope with the fact that something happened and you weren't able to rectify it! So what if you couldn't find him? That's not something you can control!

[ She didn't say anything, just stared at the screen for a moment before quickly wiping her eyes. ]


[ A long pause, then Lili nodded. ]

But I could have stayed! But I got scared...


[What is being gentle with girls and their feelings? Sob. Sorry, Lili.]

People get scared all the time, there's nothing you can do about it! Feeling bad over it and blaming yourself for what happened isn't going to do you any good.

[ A few more blinks, then she bit her lip. These two seem rather fond of not arguments... ]

You wouldn't know! Brother wouldn't have left me!

Well there's nothing you can do about that now is there? The past is the past, so stop dwelling on it!

T-there isn't.

[ She nodded, sniffling just a bit. ]

You have to accept what happened... whether you like it or not.

[A pause.]

He's your brother, right? He'll forgive you for your mistakes- that's what families do.

[He should really be taking some of his own advice here and applying it to Gilbert]

[ She blinked, then put her hand to her lips, thinking about this. He had a point, Vash wouldn't hold it against her... He'll actually be bothered by the fact she did that. But she couldn't forgive herself. ]

You're right.

[Of course he is, he knows what he's talking about. When it concerns other people outside of himself- that is.]

Whatever happened to your brother isn't your fault. So you need to quit blaming yourself and focus on what you can do now to help him, and help you both get through this difficult time.

[ Than she'll have to make sure to say it back to him, one day. ]

... I will. [ Aaand vague questions ahoy! ] What if you're brother had someone that he'd rather stay with more then you?

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