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✙ XVI ✙ [Video]
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[When the feed clicks on, at first all that's visible is tangled bed sheets. There's a soft murmur that may or may not have been a curse as the watch is flipped over to reveal a battered and beaten but no longer broken Switzerland. He winces before he speaks, being careful to not draw too deep a breath for his still mending ribs and freshly whole lungs.]

Apparently... apparently I was gone about a week.... and then... another half week recovering... What happened during that time?

[Vash winces again, falling back on his pillows with a sigh.]

Huere, that hurts...

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... Brother!

[ After a long stare at the screen she got up and ran all the way to the room, smiling brightly while opening the door. ]

You're awake.

[Vash looked up at the sound of the opening door and broke into as wide and warm a grin as his still-healing face would allow.]

Lili... Yes, I'm awake.

[He holds out a hand to her, just enough so that it doesn't tremble.]

[ She wasn't exactly feeling herself, but once she saw that smile it was enough to make her smile back. ]


[ She paused, then sighed and held onto his hand, lightly hugging him. ]

[He hugged her back as best he could, rubbing her back softly.]

"Vash"? What happend to "big brother"? [His tone is gentle, teasing and warm. Something is obviously worrying his beloved sister.]

O-oh... [ A bit of a pause, wait, she didn't notice she said that. ] It's nothing much, I'm just worried so maybe I didn't think right?

[ Half truths, she didn't exactly lie after all. ]

...My Lili. There's nothing to be worried about, at least not about me...

[He gently presses a kiss to her forehead.]

But... something else is worrying you? [Don't try to hide it, Lili. He's your big brother, after all.]

But there is! I've known for so long and you never got hurt this badly... I was scared of losing you. I couldn't find you, I tried but I ran away.

I'm sorry.

[ Her voice was shaking but she didn't want to cry, not in front of him. She wanted to be like him. Although the touch of his lips on her forehead was just the thing to make her start shaking a bit. ]

I even lost your present.

...My Lili. My dear sister.

[Vash frowns at her softly, pulling her to sit on the edge of the bed beside him.]

You were right to run away. The catacombs... they are no place for anyone, not me and certainly not my sweet sister. As for the present... It was only a ribbon, silly. I'll get you another, a hundred others... I'm just so glad you're safe and sound.

[He hugs her close, not caring if it hurt his injured ribs.]


[ Lili was rather shocked by this reaction, it wasn't anger or even annoyance. She sat down, lowering her head and her shoulders slumped, sub-consciously. But at that she was at a lost for words, he was right and- ]

A hundred? [ Her voice was shaking,as if she could cry any minute now. She blinked at the sudden hug, it was warm and something she missed just so much. There was a little sigh then she hid her face, so he wouldn't see her. ]

Just glad you're alright.

Yes. A hundred. A thousand. Anything for you.

[He gently rubs her back, kissing her hair softly.]

You are my precious and my only little sister, Liechtenstein. You are worth more than all the gold in my banks, more than all the gold in the world. And that will never, ever, change... Okay?

Okay, so I think the sappy runs in the family or something

[ She might just regret this later, but she tightened her hold on him, tears finally falling from her eyes. She told herself she wouldn't but this whole situation didn't help her in staying calm. ]

H-hm. Sorry, for getting jealouse...

Oh, it definitely does.


[Vash pulls back a bit and is startled to see the tears rolling down her cheeks. He slowly reaches up to brush them away, frowning softly.]

...Lili, sweet Liechtenstein, what on Earth could you have to be jealous of? Please don't cry...

H-hm... Someone. I thought you forgot about me.

[ Lili gasped, blinking a few of the tears back, forcing on a smile. She nodded, trying not to cry to the best of her abilities. ]

I'm sorry.

...Forgot about you? Never.

[Vash frowns softly, wiping an escaping tear from her cheek.]

Who could make me forget my one and only sister?

... Hm. You like someone! A-and you don't seem like the brother I knew.

[ Her voice was mostly just above a whisper, almost mumbling everything. ]

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