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unit_202 wrote in rubycity_rp
[202 doesn't waste any time on pleasantries when her video feed clicks on, and with as liberally-coated as she is with what is obviously blood it's not hard to guess why. Her tone is measured, tight with control without which she'd clearly be on the verge of hysterics.]

I... I need a healer. Please. Anybody who can help. I've found Va...Switzerland, he's here at the Clinic, but I really only know basic first aid, and... [She glances off-screen, and for just a moment her face reflects the agony her charge is currently experiencing.] ...This goes far beyond that.

{OOC: Anybody who can help is welcome to either threadjack or start a fresh thread over here in Vash's post. Godspeed! He needs all the help he can get.}

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[202 winces at that sound--And then blinks, turning her attention from the German's query to her apparently-alive lover.]

Be easy, Vash, don't worry--You're safe now...

[Her hand moves from his ribs to cup his cheek tenderly as she whispers to him, taking a moment to soothe him before she offers Ludwig a curious tilt of her head.]

...What, his shoulder? It just needed to roll back into place, I don't have any affinity for healing, I assure you.

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[ The moment she heard that, she didn't want to waste time responding so she dashed to the clinic and stopped abruptly once she heard 202's voice. Lili turned around, then ran into the room, stopping behind Germany. She knew she couldn't do much, but... ]

... What can I do?

[He shook his head.]

Nein, I meant how easily you shifted eet back eento place... bones aren't easy to move...

[Then Lili appeared and he sighed. Verdammt, he didn't want her to see Vash this way.]

Lili... Can you get me some vater? [something to get her out of the room for a bit at least. After that he rummaged through his case, getting another bottle.]

I'll geeve heem some Morphine to keel ze pain. Ve need more time.

[ She'll nod, then reach out to wipe a bit of sweat of of his forhead.]

Water... hm.

[ She'll leave the room to look for something to spill some water in, half half heartedly looking for a bowl, or something. ]

[202's reply is cut begins to speak, her eyes training instantly on Lili as she enters--And then flicking to Ludwig's face when she leaves again.]

Morphine will help with the pain, but it might be best if he were unconscious again for this. Isn't there a way to manage that?

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