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[Italy's eyes shine with happiness and child-like wonder as he explores the harvest festival, his worries about Vash's disappearance are forgotten for the moment. He is a blue ball of hyperactive energy, darting from one food stall to the next game booth, then he darts to one of the cleared spaces to listen to the scarecrows' music.]

[He activates the video function on his watch and beams into it.] Ve! Ve! Ve! You have to come and see the festival! It's so pretty! Can you believe it? He really made us a festival! Isn't that nice? You have to see it! There is music and food and drinks and sweets and games and you have to see the not-people manning the stalls! [In a voice full of wonder, he breathes] it's like... like magic! You have to see it! There are so many foreign sweets, I want to try all of them! [He shuts the vid transmission off.]

[Then Feliciano is off again to explore. He comes to a halt in front of a stall with a pie-eating contest and pouts playfully. If only it were a pasta eating contest, he would be guaranteed to win! So he just chatters at the scarecrow manning the stall, telling it all about the wonderful foods back home and the festivals he's been to. It doesn't matter that the scarecrow doesn't reply and goes about its business uninterrupted, it doesn't tell him to shut up either and that is all it takes to convince him this scarecrow would make a wonderful new friend.]

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[Ludwig just sighs and homes in on Italy. He didn't need the communicator for it either, Feliciano's voice was more than enough.]

Italia. Vhat...eez zat? [a scarecrow? Living? Sentient? This was a creepy place. But on the way in here there was candy and beer and cake which was enough to make him quite content inwardly]

[Feliciano wraps an arm around the scarecrow's waist and pulls it close.] Look, Ludwig, that's my new friend! He isn't very chatty, but he's an excellent listener! [He leans against the scarecrow's side, which gives him a pat on the head and frees itself of his embrace to get back to work.] Ve~ [Feliciano tilts his head to the side.] I think he is a boy scarecrow... Do you think he might be a girl scarecrow? If you're a Miss Scarecrow, I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!




Italia... it's a scarecrow. Eet cannot talk to you.

[Action~!] NOT LATE, FOR ONCE!

[ Lili was very silent, but staring wide eyed-ly at all the different things. She was still rather uncomfortable and sad about her brother's disappearance but Germany thought she could come with her so she followed and some part of her was curious about the festival, already so she came. ]

A-ah, hello Italy!

[ She ran over to both of them, feeling just a bit embarrassed by the fact she didn't notice him leaving. Well, the food there did look good. ]

Sorry, I got a bit distracted.

So he's mute, you shouldn't think less of him for it, Ludwig [Italy chirps with a little giggle.]

[He would have continued to rave about his new scarecrowd friend if Lili's arrival hadn't distracted him.] Ve! You're here! I thought you'd gotten eaten by a scarecrow! [Another giggle.]

[there was the slightest of smiles and he nodded to the girl once he knew she had caught up]

Eet ees alright, just stay close... Are you hungry? [he was. He wanted some of those sweets... and of course beer. But dammit he had Lili to look after and he knew if he took a beer it wouldn't be just the one. There was no point in lying to himself]

Zat pie looks good.

Eaten? [ She looked shocked for just a moment before getting it was a joke, so she awkwardly laughed it off. ]

Just a bit... [ She giggled at that, so everyone here is pretty hungry, hmm? ]

[Feliciano beams.]

Ve~ we are at a pie-eating contest stall! Let's see who can eat the fastest! [He tilts his head to the side.] It's not pasta, so it's a fair contest!

[Wait, what? He didn't want to make a pig of himself in front of you two... but he would happily destroy one of those baked goods if you forced him to, Italy. he was pretty famished.]

... C-contest?

[ She could... but she doesn't know what her brother would think of that, him and all of his manners. ]

Of course! We're going to have fun! [His voice is a happy chirp and he is already bouncing on the balls of his feet in anticipation.] On the count of three?

[He didn't want to upset table manners...but... well it was a festival and it was just the three of them but... Nein, no he couldn't. He would eat like a gracious and respectable German]


eins, zvei, drei

[But once the count of three came he would eat quick without messing the table. Still dignified but like a very hungry german who loved his sweets. He wouldn't dare let a crumb fall onto the table, that was a waste of good pie!]

[ Well, it is a contest and no one can complain about this? At that she took a deep breath and tried to eat and swallow as quick as possible, but trying as hard as possible not to make a mess as well. ]

[Giggling, Feliciano snatched a piece of pie and gobbled it down with nearly the same enthusiasm he would attack a plate of pasta with. Unlike the others, he didn't care about being neat, getting pie all over his chin and even on his nose. However, curious nation that he was, he concentrated just as much on giggling over Ludwig and Lili's neat eating as on eating his own piece of pie.]

Whoops, sorry I am late

[That giggling might earn him a subtle glare from Ludwig. But no matter. He had delicious pie in his mouth so it was much easier to ignore the annoying bits of Feliciano. Still he couldn't ignore the sudden feeling that Feliciano looked really... how you say... ah... attractive? Childhish? Cute? With the pie all over him he looked like a baby needed to be cleaned but for once Ludwig didn't eye it with an inward sigh. It was kind of adorable...


And as that thought sank in his pie was suddenly very interesting.]

Re: Whoops, sorry I am late

This is nice, hmm?

I wonder what they used in it...

[ She was already rather full with pie, so she sighed and decided to leave whats left of it. She looked back at both Germany and Italy with a bit of a giggle. ]

[Feliciano pouted a bit when he saw Lili give up, but never mind, he had a pie eating contest to win! He eyed Ludwig out of the corner of his eye, he looked very focused on his pie. Feli giggled again. He continued to stuff pie into his mouth, making an utter mess out of himself in the process.]

Ve~ the pie's tasty! [he said with a full mouth, pie crumbs flying everywhere.]

[He waved a hand at Feliciano, swallowing the mouthful he had]

Don't gobble, you're getting everyzing messy. [But he didn't look or sound irritated. Actually he sounded a bit amused...was that a smile? A little teeny one?]

How can you vin zis contest eef your pie ends up all over ze table instead of your mouth?

[ It was really hard not to giggle at these two. ]

Hmhm... I wonder who will win.

[Ludwig's admonishment just made Feliciano giggle harder - and he took it as encouragement to eat even faster and messier, surely Ludwig was trying to slow him down since he saw Feli was winning!]

Ve~ 'm not messy!

[He stuffed another piece of pie into his already full mouth and then it happened... He choked on his food, wheezing and gasping and desperately trying not to spit out half-chewed pie all over their shoes.]

Mnn, you are going too fast. Slow down you might- [oh you beat him to the punch]


[And swiftly he gave Feliciano a hard thump on the back with his open palm]


[ She blinked, then went to pat him but Germany went for it straight for it so she looked around for a cup of water, once she did find some she handed it over to Italy to drink. ]

That was too fast!

[He nearly stumbled under the force of Ludwig's pat, a glob of half-eaten pie went flying, but thankfully landed harmlessly in the grass. When Lili arrived with the water, Feliciano grabbed it and drowned the entire cup in one go.]

Ve~ I think I lost the contest [he said sadly.]

[ She watched him, eyes just a bit wide. ]

It's alright, I think you were the best!

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