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frillsalwayswin wrote in rubycity_rp
[Despite the festival and how.. Well, festive, it is, Goro isn't feeling the same. Maybe it was from getting over a sudden cold, maybe it was from not having any insipriation to paint, maybe it was just from realizing things about himself and not having the two people he wanted to tell more than anything around. Whatever it was, he's got Toge on a leash and is guiding the dog through the festival. Wearing his usual skirt and jacket combo, his hair in pigtails, he sighs.]

"...Since when can scarecrows hand out food?"

[Sure enough at a booth offering some kind of roast meat on a stick, there are scarecrows busy cooking and handing out the food. Goro watches for a few minutes and then walks past.

Toge, however, isn't as gloomy. The dog looks like he just hit the dog jackpot, actually. He looks back at the booth and gives a quizzical bark to Goro.]

"Hm? Ah.. Sure, you can have some, Toge."

[The first scarecrow seems to have heard, quickly cutting a small piece for the dog and placing it into a cup. Silently, the scarecrow walks to the pair, handing the food to Goro before waving at Toge.]

"Th.. Thanks."

[Creeped, but also kind of happy, Goro guides Toge away from the booth and sits down, holding out the cup.]

"Here you go!"

[Toge plucks the food from the cup, eating it before he curls up next to Goro, tail wagging lazily.]