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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ Liechtenistein wasn't someone that cried easily, even if the worst of cases the most she would do was simply sit back and try to tell herself it will be gone and everything will be better when she wakes up. And that was exactly what she was doing, after running aimlessly around the whole city (or, at least the places she knew of) she didn't find anything that might even indicate where Vash might be.

It must be a nightmare, right?

Being alone in this place, without her brother. Moreover, not leaving a note, nothing behind him? Felt rather... odd, unusual even. Even on his most busy of days back home, he would usually leave something. Everything is still here, even if he might have changed she was sure he wouldn't ever let his guard down especially not in a place like this.

She had her face hidden from the camera, buried behind her knees and her other arm thrown over them. ]

... Have anyone seen Vash? Please say yes.

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They occasionally suck people in. The walls change and move, so you can be stuck down there for up to two months with no way out and no way to contact the outside world. It's completely random, and there's no way to avoid it if our captors want to take you down there.

You can't go there?

[ Another pause. ]

Is brother safe there...?

Edited at 2011-09-24 07:47 am (UTC)

Well...he won't be in mortal peril, but likely he'll come out with scratches and bruises, and want a hot meal and a hot shower before going to bed. That's how it usually goes.

... Then I'll do my best to prepare for all of that.

It could be up to two months. Don't get too anxious.

[[Truth be told, Theta is worried about Vash as well. She had some questions she wanted to ask him.]]

... Then I'll do it everyday.

[ She'll give her a small smile. ]

I try! It's nothing compared to what he did for me, though.

Oh? ...I know countries' problems can be far worse than humans' problems...did he help you through a rough time in history?

[[If Vash is Switzerland and Vash is her brother, Lili must be a country.]]

Yes, there was a shortage in food and... to put it simply, it was depressing.

[ At that she fell silent, then smiled softly. ]

But brother showed up, so it's alright!

Well, it worked out in the end, and you have a friend for life now. I hope he comes back soon.

I hope so too!

[ Hey, managed to get her to smile sincerely. Good job. ]

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