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[ Liechtenistein wasn't someone that cried easily, even if the worst of cases the most she would do was simply sit back and try to tell herself it will be gone and everything will be better when she wakes up. And that was exactly what she was doing, after running aimlessly around the whole city (or, at least the places she knew of) she didn't find anything that might even indicate where Vash might be.

It must be a nightmare, right?

Being alone in this place, without her brother. Moreover, not leaving a note, nothing behind him? Felt rather... odd, unusual even. Even on his most busy of days back home, he would usually leave something. Everything is still here, even if he might have changed she was sure he wouldn't ever let his guard down especially not in a place like this.

She had her face hidden from the camera, buried behind her knees and her other arm thrown over them. ]

... Have anyone seen Vash? Please say yes.

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[Oh no... poor Lili. Vash was missing. He had to be, he'd never abandon his sister.

Maybe he'd been sent home? Such a shame after all the work that went into his house. Still, Ludwig knew what had to be done.]

Nein, I haven't seen him since the housewarming... Vhere are you, Lili? I vill come to you. [you needed someone to look out for you if Vash was indeed gone]

[ She lifted her head, to stare at the screen. ]

... Clock tower.

[ She forced a slight smile. ]

It's alright, though.

Okay, stay put I am coming to you, Lili. I vill be just a few minutes.

[What could have happened... Vash would never have abandoned her. The poor thing. Quickly he ran to the tower and approached her. He was panting a bit and he sat nearby]

Ah... Guten Tag, Lili. [he wasn't really sure how to deal with a small gentle girl like this... One would assume that dealing with Italy who was soft skinned and easy to get into tears would make this a simple task. But Ludwig wasn't afraid of pushing Feliciano to tears, he was however unwilling to make Lili cry. This might be hard... but it had to be done. She needed a protector until Vash returned, if Vash returned]

[ She gave a simple nod in response, then proceeded to stand up shoulders low, and she didn't look up at him. She looked down at herself for just a moment then brushed her dress off, rather systematically. At this point it won't be very hard to break her, she was just barely calm. ]

... You came?

[This... was going to be tough]

Of course I deed. I vouldn't leave you by yourself, Vash vould never allow eet. [he sighed]

I have not seen Vash seence ze party...but let me make a proposition to you, Lichtenstein. I vant to find Vash as vell. And I also vant to protect you vhile ve vait for him to return. Vould you allow me to do boss at ze same time? [he knew it was kind of a lot to ask, to step in an bodyguard someone who didn't know you that well]

I'll help you look for Vash anyvhere you vant to go. I promise.

... [ She nodded, and a very slight smile appeared on her face. ]

Thank you, and if it's what you want to do then feel free.

[ At that last sentence, there is a pause. ]


[He nodded, grateful that so far she hadn't burst into tears and run from him.]

Ah danke, danke. I feel better eef I know somevon ees looking after you.

[he paused as well]

...Ees zat vhere you vant to go look? [well shit, Ludwig why did you tell her anywhere? Did you really expect her to only want to check where there was no danger? She wasn't stupid.]

[ Although it wasn't the same, and she wanted her brother having someone around might be good. At least she knew him very well, right? Although it's been awhile. ]

Yes, I heard from someone that it might be where he is!

[Yes, he knew her well enough. She was the beloved dependent of his most trusted neighbor. Not to mention she was so innocent and adorable... he couldn't let anything bad happen to her]

Ja. Vell, I promise to take you vherever you vant to look. But zat place is very dangerous, ve may not make eet back out for days. I suggest ve take some time and prepare zoroughly before heading into zat place. Let's start by getting some food and ve can plan from zere.

[okay now he was bordering on being a trainer but this was a comfortable ground for him]

Then let's prepare from now!

[ For once, she looked actually lively again. Don't break your promise, okay? ]

Can we go now? Please?

[ Lili will jump up a bit to grab his shoulders, then let go and slip back down. That didn't work. ]

[He won't break it. He'll just prepare double for this journey]

Ja, ve can. [wait, what were you jumping for?? Why? He caught her as she slipped down.]

Vhat vas zat for?

I... wanted to show my thanks?

[ Well, she got caught and looking at things from this place is fun so she'll look around with a rather obviously amused expression. ]

[Why....Why so cute, Lili??]

Ah, vell.... you're velcome.

[At least she was a bit happier here. He'll let her look a while before heading back to the street]

I promised 202 zat I vould help her search ze city. I vant to make sure Vash eesn't in ze forest or ze town before we go to ze catacombs.

[ She won't say anything back, just jump back down and look towards the way down. It won't be easy, but she'll do it. ]

Alright then... 202, don't tell here I'm looking too. I said I wouldn't get myself into trouble- [ Truth be told, she feels a bit bad for doing this. Knowing that she cares for her this much now. ]

... Let's go?

Vhatever you vant to do... but I vill not leave your side unteel Vash has returned.

...I shouldn't be letting you do zat much.... [but he did promise like an idiot]

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