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unit_202 wrote in rubycity_rp
[The video feed is blurry at first, as the watch and the person holding it are both very obviously in motion. Anybody who knows the layout of the library might recognize that as being the location on display as 202 paces for a few moments more in front of one of the battered old armchairs that can be found therein. Finally she comes to a halt and takes a seat with an impatient sigh of frustration, resting her watch on her knee as she draws it up close to her chest.

The look she turns on the camera isn't quite panic and isn't quite anger, but it's a fairly even mix of the two. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she takes a deep, steadying breath before she speaks.]

Have any of you seen Vash today? Switzerland? I-- He wasn't at home this morning, which isn't all that unusual, but while I was tidying up--The party, you know, there was quite a bit of mess left over--I came upon his... Well, his weapons.

All of them.

[And anybody who knows the nation in question knows just how out of sorts that is for him. 202 frowns and, clearly full of nervous energy, resumes her pacing.]

I don't want to leap directly to irrational conclusions, but in light of the city's changes...
If anybody has any idea where he is, or might be, please let me know. At the very least, he'll want his firearms returned. And if he's not around... Well, I think we all know what that means by now.

[The catacombs are most emphatically not 202's idea of a good time, but if that is indeed where he is... She moves to close the communicator, but stops halfway through the motion to add;]

...Hidan, Kakuzu, I'd appreciate it if either of you would get in touch with me just as soon as is convenient for you, please. I have a small favor to ask.

[...And without further remark, the feed ends as her device clicks shut.]

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He wasn't? That's...weird.

[He doesn't want to jump to conclusions either, but he's been getting pretty sick of people vanishing so abruptly on him.]

I'll keep an eye out for him, okay? My turn on patrol anyway.

Very weird.

[202 nods, frowning in her confusion, but her expression softens after a moment.]

Thank you, Sieg, I appreciate that... Don't be too shy to get in touch if you need me for anything else, all right? I never mind helping you.

(Have a very distressed Italian nation looking at you, chewing on his bottom lip and ve'ing anxiously.]

Switzerland's gone? But... but... Vash, he can't be gone! He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye! He wouldn't! And even if he would he wouldn't leave his weapons behind!

[Have one instantly-alert blonde, poor little distressed Italian nation, whose protective instincts take over immediately in response to his behavior.]

He's not gone, I'm sure of it... You're precisely right in your observation about his weaponry.

[That's the one real shred of hope 202's clinging to as well, but it wouldn't do to let on about that. It would probably only upset this poor boy further. Instead, she squares her jaw and tries her best to look reassuring.]

If they're here, so is he. And if he's here, I'll find him. It's as simple as that-- Don't worry.

[Marluxia steeples fingers, and leans his chin against them]

Perhaps he has hidden himself away somewhere?

[He doesn't sound like he believes it himself.]

[202 eyes her device thoughtfully, as reluctant to consider that idea as she is to reject it outright. It is a possibility, after all... She might have upset him enough to leave like that, but...]

I... I suppose that's possible. But I have a hard time thinking so... It wouldn't be like him to leave his weapons behind. He doesn't go anywhere unarmed.

[He muses thoughtfully on this.]

He was not stolen, was he?

That... Thing you and Hidan can do, to sense each other. I don't suppose there's any way you could... [Her voice trails off, 202 trusting Kakuzu to know what she's hoping for from him. This would be so much easier if you were there in person, old man, she could use a nice strong presence like yours.]

... You haven't either.

[ It was said with an under-tone of sadness, which she was trying her best to conceal. But that failed, when she let out a very heavy sigh. She looked everywhere she knew and it all proved to be completely useless. ]

Do you know where he could be?

[ Her voice was shaking, but very soft, almost a whisper. ]

[202 knows that voice-- Poor Lili. She hadn't even considered how hard this would be for her. 202 clears her throat, so that when she replies her voice is strong and steady.]

I don't know, but don't worry-- I'll look hard. I'll find him, miss Lili, I promise.

Vash? Svitzerland ees gone?

[he sighed]

Ja, I vill help however I can.

[202 nods once, determined and businesslike despite the frown of concern that creases her brows.]

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, sir. How do you feel about a division of labor? I intend first and foremost to make a thorough sweep of the city's perimeter and work inwards from there, given that he's not at any of his usual places, but the forest will also need to be checked. Though I doubt he'd go there without his weapons, one can't be too thorough.

What'cha want, '02?

[he's not been home for a while, but that doesn't mean he'll leave his roommate and friend high and dry when she needs help.]

[Now there's a face she's happy to see.]

Hidan, I... Well, I already asked Kakuzu, and he thinks it might be possible to do... I don't know what it's called, that maneuver you two use to locate each other within the city. I was hoping that might work to help me locate Vash, or at least give me a rough centralization of his whereabouts.

Failing that, I'll be looking the old-fashioned way, and while I won't ask you to help, it might prove wise for you to at least know what I intend. In case I wind up similarly entrapped, I mean.

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