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2nd Seed [Accidental video] Innocent icon is innocent
stamen_n_stigma wrote in rubycity_rp
[Oh look Ruby City, it is one of those forever entertaining accidental videos that the watches are just begging for you to see. And the vastly important moment that the communicators just don't want you all to miss? Yeah, it's filming a squirrel. It's a cute squirrel, but one all the same. It's safe to assume that the watch is hanging from someone's waist, and filming whatever scene it happens to be pointed at.

The squirrel seems untroubled by its new celebrity status, and just continues to chitter in its overexcited way. It looks like it really likes the owner of the watch, as it keeps close, darting forward to sniff and then bouncing back.

A dark hand reaches down for the creature, letting it sniff and paw at, and eventually hop into, its big fluffy tail curling around its body. The hand is pulled back, taking the little mammal off screen, but the wound up squirrel chatter can still be heard.

Does… it sound a little scared now?

What was that startled squeak?



Bye bye squirrel. ]

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[ Mute. Fear. ]

... What are you doing?

[He blinks a few times, before remembering the watch and picking it up]

Excuse me?

... What...

[ A very high squeal. ]

That squirrel!

[Quickly wiping blood from his face, kthnx]

Oh dear... you didn't actually see it, did you?

... I... didn't.

Ah... I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to broadcast my eating habits to the city...

Sorry, Lj ate comments again! ;;

It's... uhm, alright.

[ She'll pause, then give him a very small smile. ]

[He'll return the smile, his being slightly apologetic.]

I will be more aware of my watch next time I eat. I apologize again.

Hmhm, I'll understand. ... Even if it's a bit... wrong. These things seem to work sometimes by themselves!

OTL I suck at tagging on time

We all must eat to live dear. My food simply has to be fresher than yours. I hold no animosity toward your species for partaking of the flesh of plants, and I only hope for the same courtesy toward my diet.

... Ah. I understand.

[ She says that yet she still looks rather shocked. ]

I have already promised another to avoid eating small fluffy mammals. It seems that my diet will be limited to the monsters in the forest alone.

Oh! That sound much better!

Aha... Aahhaha. [ Insert awkward laughter here! ]

In case you were wondering, that also means that I avoid eating human flesh as well. I believe that was something that needed to be cleared up as well.

..... Y-you eat humans? What about nations?

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