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002 -- [Video]
Cute Whut
breaking_candy wrote in rubycity_rp
[Break is sitting on the front porch of Gilbert's house with something in his hand. He shows it to the screen. It's a cupcake.]

Aren't these a nice thought?

[Break pulls the cake away from the screen.]

I found them outside just as I was leaving today. There was even a note on the box. What a wonderful gift!

[And he starts eating it. Video still on. Be jealous. Break has cupcakes and you don't.]

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You like them?

[ Giddy Lili is giddy, sush. ]

I do~! They're quite good! Thank you~!

Hm! Glad you do!

[ A pause. ]

You could share if you want to... I have some more here, anyway.

Ah~? Are you making gifts for all of your friends?

Ah, that could be good! I just wanted to thank some people.

That's very thoughtful of you~! But, if I may ask, why am I getting these delightful sweets?

... Since you're my friend!

[ Yepyep, reason enough. ]

[That catches him off guard for a second, but then he comes back with a smile.]

Thank you~. It's much appreciated!

Hmhm! I don't need reason, I just... felt like it.

[ She nods her head, shrugging it off. ]

Then I'll have to do something for you! I'm no good at cooking or baking though...

You don't need to!

... [ A pause. ] We can do something together, if you really want to?

Together? Did you have something in mind?

Not really!

[ A pause, yep, nothing. ]

Do you have anything in mind?

No, nothing! Perhaps we should hold it for another day then. Maybe something will come up. Like a party~.

Hm! I'll look forward to it!

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