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[Video] [Backdated to Septemeber 1st]
potatolament wrote in rubycity_rp
[For the first time, the camera seems to actually be focused at a horizontal eye-level with GLaDOS. It may be a little wobbly, but at the very least, this is a new accomplishment.]

Let me start out with a few things. First of all. I suppose I have to apologize. Really. Most of you aren't THAT fat - or ugly - or deformed. I don't know what came over me.

Now. I just wanted to -

[It’s at that moment that the camera drops.

She stops. A slight whir, which could almost be described as... annoyed? She looks to the camera on the ground, from the corner of the view, then looks up.] Really? This is your idea of helping?

Sorry, it slipped. Hang on let me get it. [He bends over, his face appearing on the screen briefly as he picks up the watch.]

Yes. Do. Do you need some practice holding it before we continue?

[He continues, his tone sounding annoyed.] Hey! Come on I got covered alright.

[If she could sigh, she would. She hangs her head, shakes it, then looks back up.] Anyways.

I'm sorry. We have that part. Now to the more important part. While the rest of you get to navigate and learn about this town, my knowledge is dependent on whatever YOU decide to tell me. Which isn't very much.

So. I have a solution. And in the end, it can be beneficial to the entire town. I can protect us. And if I can connect to the town, I might very well connect to the enemy.

[Another interruption.] Wait. Are you saying you might be able to get us out of here?

[... dramatic effect forever ruined.] ... yes. I have ideas on ways we can get out. But to do that, I need help. Which is why it'd be best if you let me finish this message.


... to go on.

I need scientists. I need engineers. I need anyone that thinks they're qualified to deal with computers, because honestly?

... I'd rather gather you all instead of weeding through one by one. With disappointment every time. If you think you're qualified, I'm here. Waiting...

[She stares into the camera, a little longer. Expectant. Then, she seems to peer around at her cameraman.]

It's called a signal. You can turn it off.

Thanks for letting me know. [He now turns the feed off.]

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Ah, if you need help with electronics I can help. Do you... want to hack the system?

... you can work with electronics?

[Best progress yet.]

Then you'll certainly be added to the team. I will contact you if needed. Name?

Liechtenstein, or Lili.

[ She;ll give them a smile. ]

[Processing that, she whirs slightly...]

Are you aware that the name you just gave is, in fact, not a name. It's a, landlocked country, bordered by Switzerland and Austria.

Yes, I know that. I am country.

... I won't lie. Current data is making me question if you're qualified for this job. It indicates some possibility of severe delusions. I have some recommended treatments, if you're willing to follow my advice.

... Delusions! But I am a country!

Then I'll take that as a no. In case you haven't noticed, countries are rather immobile. They do not usually take the form of PEOPLE.

kg;;khl Sorry, Lj was nomming on tags!

... Maybe we are from diffrent places? It's very normal back home!

But please let me help.

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