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3rd Bark [Video]
baddogkounii wrote in rubycity_rp
Hello all! They say idle hads are the Devil's playground, and well, the Devil's been busy~ Kou-nii Is getting antsy with so little to do, and would like to offer his services to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen of this city! I'm open to any job, no questions asked, just call me and I'm there. 

And pretty ladies, don't worry, you'll go right to the top of Kou-nii's list~

[Puppies weren't meant to be kept inside all day, and after being able to run around in the jungle, being inside and doing nothing is agony.] 

[[OOC: Feel free to misunderstand Kou's offer, being flirty, and offering to do odd jobs really ends up sounding like prostiution.]] 

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[ She waved, almost estasticly. ]

Uhm, actually! I have something for you!

You do?!

Then I'm at your survive, my dear~

Ah, I didn't mean as that but...

[ She lifted something up to the screen, it looked like wrapped up cloth with a long ribbon holding it together. ]

I swear to god, one day I will make a post without typos. Service*

[Well that stops him in his tracks]

What's that?

[ Have a big smile. ]

I thought that you needed something to keep you warm when you're in... dog form?

Sometimes his dog icons fit his reactions too well

[Well he's got long, fluffy fur to keep him warm, but he would never turn down a present, and definitely not a present from a sweet girl like Lili]

I don't have a name for it, so 'dog form' works fine.

So, what is it?~

[ Well, the weather can get to cold for him to handle at some point, right? She just wants to help, after all. ]

Alright then... You'll have to see it, I won't tell you.

I can't help but use them

Alright honey, where are you so I can come and open this present of yours?

[Because he doesn't even care what it is, she put hard work into a present for him and he's happy]

Makes senseee, so oddly cute. xD

[ She nodded, putting it down to shift the camera back to her. ]

It's alright, I could come to you...?

[He gives her directions to his place, but don't worry, he'll be a good boy and he wont lech... probably.]

It's been some time since I've had a cute girl at my place, I'll have to straighten up~

[ She'll give the present a quick poke before fixing the wrapping on it. ]

Cute...? Thank you! [ Have another huge smile. ]

[Guh, so adorable, he wants to just hug her and never let go]

I only speak the truth~

[ That could be problematic, though. ]

W-well! I'll have to be going now?

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