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T h i r d -Video-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
Uhm, hello everyone! [ She gives the screen a little awkward wave, she isn't used to this but she was trying to make this look natural. She had a niddle and rather colorful cloth between her hands, which might have been there to cover up a few wounds as well. ]

I hope everyone is alright? If anyone needs any first-aid you could tell me, I'll try my best.

[ After a short worried glance up, she hurried over to the device to put an end to the rather short recording. ]

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I zought you vere home. Doe Vash know you are here?


I have been here for some time now, is there something wrong?

Nein, nein. I just zought... [well he had been here but was vacant at the same time for a while... he couldn't really talk about you being awol]

Nevermind. I am happy to see you again [do you... remember him at all? He feels a bit awkward]

[ She frowned at that, watching him warily. She remembers him, of course, but it's been so long. Last time she saw him was during the first world war, of course there aren't many pleasant memories of that, but for sometime she was rather happy beside him.

He seemed odd, maybe he didn't forget about her after all? She smiled brightly at that. ]

Are you...?

[Was he?... Did she remember? ...Wait that might be a bad thing if she did. She might run screaming from him and then Vash would be furious with him. but he couldn't be rude to her.]

Ja. I am Deutschland.

[ She wouldn't do that, even after everything she has seen from him she was grateful, deep down, somewhere. ]

Of course I know... It's been awhile.

So eet has. How have you been?

[He has made up his mind to stick around until Vash comes. You need protecting... and something about you was so therapeutic. It was nice to talk to someone so innocent again]

Hmhm, I'm alright. [ She nodded, holding back a very heavy sigh. ]

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